Sofie van Kempen

Nutritionist Sofie van Kempen is known as a passionate gut health advocate, chicken mother, healthy foodie, part time suburban farmer and full time fermenter. Her passion is focused around educate people on how to encompass a wholesome lifestyle focused around being more confident in the kitchen, capable in the garden and knowledgeable about the environment. 
Sofie has found the best way to do this is through holding demonstrative group workshops as well as being hands on in the garden with her partner, Farmer Tom and sharing their knowledge through her social media channels. Sofie has run workshops all over Queensland for nearly two years now across many different businesses. The likes of The Source Bulk Foods, Wray Organics, Wholhealth Discount Drug Stores, Westfield Shopping Centres, Kitchen Warehouse and many more…
Along with the workshops Sofie has a range of downloadable recipe eBooks available on her website to assist you on your health journey at home. She has also just launched a range of fermenting kits to go alongside her workshops which I am sure you will see across health food stores near you!