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Over 15% of Australians consume a gluten free diet by necessity or choice.
They are passionate about researching & discovering products & services.

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Your customers are looking on trusted platforms for safe and delicious options! Every year over 200k Australian consumers trust yum. Gluten Free as their dedicated gluten free resource. They access the YGF website, our large and highly engaged email list, and our social media channels to be informed of the tastiest and safest options on the market.

You have the opportunity to get your brand seen by targeted consumers who not only want but need your products and services.

Yum Gluten Free is a dedicated platform which provides gluten free information, products and services to your target market. It is the go-to online resource in Australia for those embracing a gluten free diet, due to coeliac disease or other health and wellness reasons.

Our audience of over 120k social media followers and 12k unique readers per month are looking to gain more information about a gluten free diet, including what and where they can eat.

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