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We’re all a little guilty of snacking, maybe a little too much. What if there was a way to have your snack and not feel guilty about it? We sit down with Angelo and Raquel Velardo to discuss their seriously tasty Turbo Snacks. Tasty, minus the guilty after taste? YUM! Yes please.


yum. Gluten Free: Hey Angelo and Raquel! Thank you so much for sitting down with us to tell our yum readers all about Turbo snacks. Please tell us all about yourselves and your brand!

Hey there yum readers! We are Angelo and Raquel Velardo. We are from South America. We came to Australia 7 years ago, dreaming about having a safe life. While living here we have discovered good friends and people looking for a healthier life. 

Our brand is Turbo Snacks. We are all about eating natural snacks that are good for you. Whenever I went grocery shopping I found it very difficult to find a savory snack that wasn’t so full of sodium.  We started with Plantains because it is the only fruit on the market that actually tastes like chips. Plantains are savory when lightly salted and can be eaten on their own, with dips or as an accompaniment to another meal. Our snacks aren’t just for people who are looking for Gluten free, Paleo, Fodmap or Vegan diets, they are for everyone! We want to teach Australia about this new fruit, a new natural choice. Just like potato chips, but so much better!


ygf: That’s so great that they are snack we can all enjoy; they are hard to find. How do you take care to ensure your products are gluten free?

Turbo snacks are gluten free because they are simply: fruit! Our product is not processed. Our snacks contain sustainable red palm oil and salt. All our flavors are completely natural, without preservatives or GMO. They are low GI, dairy free, nut free and are cooked with non-hydrogenated oil.


ygf: So good to hear you take so much care in ensuring the health benefits of your product! What inspired you to focus so much on the healthy industry?

Our inspiration came from our desire to expand our product Australia wide. We wanted to reach out to those people who are restricted to specific diets and offer them another yummy choice to eating regime. Plus, we want to show people that aren’t used to eating natural snacks how delicious and versatile they are!


ygf: Healthy eating is so important; more options are always welcomed. What else inspires you and your brand? 

Our inspiration is people, that’s why we love sharing our product with people. We try to focus on sharing as many photos on social media of tastings, expos and markets to engage people with what goes on behind the scenes. We also believe that working everyday with honesty allows us to sell a great product that will bring value to people’s lives.


ygf: Thank you! What else would you like our yum readers to know?

It’s always nice to try new products. But the most important part, that I hardly recommend, is to have an open mind. Try to remember and embrace the fact that not everything has to be fake to taste great!


ygf: We completely agree! It can be difficult to focus on eating healthy snacks when some of us have become so used to artificial ingredients. We can’t wait to try your product. How do our readers stay in touch and keep up to date?

Email: info@turbosnacks.com.au

Website: www.turbosnacks.com.au

Find our contact details on our Shopfront page: https://www.yumglutenfree.com/shopfront/pantry-and-cooking/turbo-snacks/


ygf: Thank you both so much for sitting down with us to tell us all about Turbo Snacks. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for you!


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