Nourish the Heart, Mind, Body and Soul

{ Amy Chatwin’s ‘Thoroughly Nourished Life’ revolves around a blog that lifts the spirit and delivers tasty wholesome treats }

Nourishment comes from many areas of life for Amy Chatwin. Her fluffy bed, a daily run, adventures with her boyfriend, weekly gratitude practice. But the foundation of this nourishment ultimately comes from her gluten free and vegetarian lifestyle that fuels her health and good condition. Amy wanted to share her joy and creativity, so she started her blog, Thoroughly Nourished Life.

Raised in a family that loves cooking, sharing and eating meals together, Amy channeled this love into her studies and completed a degree in nutrition, dietetics and exercise physiology. Once she had a few years of work behind her, she decided to take her education even further and found the best way to share her passion was to do a post-graduate degree in writing, editing and publishing. She has since used these tools to grow her personal platform and inspire others

“My background in nutrition and dietetics made me into a scientist and baking is the sweetest science of all,” Amy says.

“With gluten-free baking you need to take so many more factors into consideration because sometimes you are travelling into uncharted territory when converting a recipe or dreaming up something entirely new. When you understand the way things react with each other, the special attributes of different flours and ingredients, you can apply that to a recipe and yield delicious results!”

Although Amy herself does not have coeliac disease, she has a family history of coeliac disease and is gluten intolerant. She cut meat from her diet due to similar symptoms and feels so much better for it. She has since found that these eliminations are far from restrictions and only encourage her creative spirit.

A normal dinner for Amy would be sweet potato and zucchini noodles, chickpeas, pesto sauce and parmesan cheese. Naturally gluten free and simply delicious!

“I see myself as a ‘whole food vegetarian’ so I focus on eating foods that are naturally gluten free rather than ‘gluten-free versions’ of normal foods.

“I base my diet on vegetables, fruits, dairy, eggs, naturally gluten-free grains, nuts, and seeds (and chocolate!). I eat a wider variety of foods now than I did when I was an omnivore and I don’t miss the meat at all. I want to show people that there are so many nutritious, filling, hearty meals that are vegetarian and easily made in their own homes.”

When you hop onto the Thoroughly Nourished Life site, you will see that, in addition to Amy’s satiating savoury dishes, she loves to get creative with gluten-free baking. She plays with highly nutritious, naturally gluten-free flours like buckwheat, brown rice and nut meals.

“Baking is in my DNA and science is my passion so my unique perspective is looking through both of those lenses at the same time.”

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