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{ Nourish. Balance. Breathe. These are the words Charlie de Haas lives, sleeps and eats by. }

Nourish. Balance. Breathe.

These are the words Charlie de Haas lives, sleeps and eats by. And she’s made a career of inspiring others to do the same.

After battling depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder, Charlie has a new outlook on life. As a wellness coach, fitness model, author, speaker and skin expert, she calls on her own experience, training and life lessons to motivate people to improve their health and wellbeing.

Charlie was just six months into her self-made career when she developed Clean Treats in 2014, making guilt-free sweets including her signature #charliesballs – gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free chocolate and nut treats.

“I made them for my seminars and someone mentioned I should sell them, so I decided to try,” says Charlie.

“I had stockists locally within weeks, nationally within months, and now have 45 stockists across Australia from cafes and corporate to fitness and online.”

The growing Clean Treats range is entirely gluten free and includes the newly released #pro muffins, as well as slices, three cheesecake varieties in white raspberry, blueberry and choc-caramel and peanut, and Lust Bites – raw heart-shaped chocolates with flavoured centres.

Charlie loves chocolate and encourages people to eat real chocolate every day, in moderation.

“Dark chocolate in particular is brilliant for sending oxygen to the muscles before working out,” she says.

“Rather than restricting yourself, have some when you want but notice if it’s becoming a bad habit. If you’re craving chocolate, it could be a sign of a magnesium deficiency.”

Charlie reaches out to her followers through Instagram and Facebook, sharing inspirational messages and photographs. She also offers a 21-day program, Be Well – The Project, designed to create change and healthy habits.

When it comes to wanting change, be it in health, work or life in general, Charlie’s advice is the same as the Clean Treats brand belief.

“Be real, not fake. Make decisions with your heart and you’ll always find what’s right for you.”


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