Gluten Free Chinese Food in Australia

{When we think of Chinese food, coeliac safe never really comes to mind, until now! }

If there’s one cuisine we commonly avoid as people with coeliac disease, it’s Chinese! Those crispy spring rolls and gooey honey chicken that make our mouths water but bellies quake in fear, have long been out of reach and out of the question. But thanks to New Chinese Garden, authentic gluten free Chinese food is back on the menu!

Yup, I’ll give you a minute to digest that along with a few of their new meal options made in their entirely gluten free facility! Yup, you read that right too! #nocrumbsplease

Before you run away and fill your bellies with Dim Sum, let us tell you a bit more about the brains behind New Chinese Garden.

Co-owned by husband and wife team Matthew Giang and Ha (Suri) Tuan, New Chinese Garden was born in 2015 out of Matthew’s parent’s Chinese restaurant by the same name. Working as a property-valuer at the time, Matthew noticed an increased demand for gluten free in the restaurant and saw the value of bringing gluten free Chinese to the menu. Add Suri’s background as an air hostess dealing in ready-made meals and it’s no surprise it wasn’t long before New Chinese Garden meals found their way into the freezer at IGA’s across Australia.

Whether you’re looking for a pre-dinner snack like a crispy spring roll or full meal of Sweet & Sour Pork be assured you’re getting the real deal. With Mathew’s upbringing in a “typical Asian migrant family”, it didn’t take long to create a variety of gluten free meals while maintain those all-important classic Chinese flavours. His proudest accomplishment; “seeing the reaction people have when they haven’t had Chinese for so long and our meals are exactly how they remembered them!”

Since 2015 the business has continued to grow meaning more options, more stockists and an entirely dedicated gluten free facility, so cross contamination is out of the question. Can we get a WHOOP WHOOP! Matthew and Suri aren’t only dedicated to that gluten free guarantee! They’re also committed to re-creating your traditional Chinese favourites without compromising on flavour. “Our meals may initially seem more expensive but we operate on the quality of the product as opposed to the quantity.” So whether you’ve had a big day at work, have a hungry family to feed or simply aren’t vibing the kitchen, within 15 minutes you can have that local Chinese you’ve always been craving, in the comfort of your own home. Only this time, you’re confident it’s coeliac safe!

So where do you find these tasty Chinese delights?! From Brisbane to Melbourne, Sydney to Perth and a few places in between, all you have to do is jump on their website to find a freezer near you! To stay up to date on what’s coming up, let them know what you want to see next, or simply get in touch you can follow New Chinese Garden on Facebook.


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