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Who else loves to end their evening with a warming cup of tea? With perhaps a piece of chocolate on the side… Why not combine the two? Angelo and Raquel Velardo have created KATO-T. They have bought us tea with an aroma of chocolate. Is everyone as excited as we are? Chocolate tea?! Where can we sign up?


yum. Gluten Free: Hi Angelo and Raquel! Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us and our yum readers. Please tell us all about yourselves and your exciting brand: KATO-T.

Hi yum readers! Thank you for having us. We are Angelo and Raquel Velardo. We are from South America. We came to Australia 7 years ago dreaming of having a safe life. We have discovered good friends and people looking for healthier life in this country.

We are so excited to introduce KAKO-T. It’s made from the shell (or husk) of 100% certified organic raw cacao bean. It is a superfood! Cacao is detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, 100% plant based, dairy free & sugar free. It’s amazing to make a cup of tea with a chocolate aroma that has more antioxidants than green tea and red wine! It is also completely gluten free and paleo. Some of the benefits of raw cacao are truly fantastic! The list goes on and on.

We have blended 3 different spices with the Cacao husk. So we have 4 flavours to share with everyone: Original (Just Cacao), Cacao & Chilli, Cacao & Turmeric and Cacao & Ginger.


ygf: That sounds so delicious. Who doesn’t want to have a cup of chocolate tea, that’s also great for you?! Those other flavours sound so delicious as well. How did all of this start?

It begun with Turbo Snacks. After two years in the health industry we have realized how much people really love natural products here in Australia. We are always seeking unique products. We would like to share part of our healthy and natural roots from South America. We’ve decided to bring to Australia a different way to enjoy chocolate. With this Organic Raw Cacao Husk everyone can enjoy an infused wonderful cup of tea with a Chocolate Aroma. Minus the sugar or diary, with all the health benefits that raw cacao provides!


ygf: What was your inspiration to ensure your product is completely gluten free? And how do you ensure your products are 100% free from gluten?

We believe that there are a lot of products that can be eaten by everyone. Products that can bring you flavour, health benefits, that are also gluten free. Gluten is not a monster it is just sometimes part of the ingredients that can sometimes help the industry sell more at a cheaper cost. Selling a product that suits everyone dietary requirements is an amazing feeling.

KATO-T is just organic raw cacao husk, so it is not process at all. That’s how we ensure its completely free from gluten!


ygf: Thank you for taking the time to explain that to us! What got you interested in the health industry?

People in general are looking for ways to stop the aging process. People are always wanting to find a way to look younger and feel healthier. I love the idea of being able to help them achieve that. Health and wellness is a part of our company and a part of what we really follow and practice in life.


ygf: How do our readers access your product?

We sell our product online Australia-wide, in NZ and on our website, www.kako-t.com.au. You can find Kako-T at a number of Go Vitas and Flannery’s in QLD.


ygf: Wonderful! We will definitely be checking it out. How do our readers stay in touch and stay up to date with all things KATO-T? 

Email: kakot.aus@gmail.com

Website: https://www.kako-t.com.au

Find our contact details on our Shopfront page: https://www.yumglutenfree.com/shopfront/pantry-and-cooking/kako-t


ygf: Thank you Angelo and Raquel for making our chocolate dreams a reality! We have found another excuse to have more chocolate in our lives. Not that we needed an excuse…


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