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Founder of the Fit Mummy Project, ex-professional netballer and lawyer, yoga instructor and mum… Kimmy Smith is passionate about coaching us to become happy and healthy in the ways she’s found success. Read on to discover a GIVEAWAY happening on the yum. Gluten Free Instagram and Facebook pages for her course, The Fit Mummy Project Bundle for the post-natal mums! Let’s have a chat with Kimmy to see where her passion stems from.

yum. Gluten Free: Hi Kimmy! Thank you so much for letting us share your journey. Tell us about yourself.

I’m Kimmy Smith – the founder of the Fit Mummy Project App and a mum to two girls, Allegra aged 4 and Samara aged 2. I am a personal trainer and qualified yoga teacher. For a long time, I was a professional netballer, representing the NSW Swifts and a corporate lawyer. After I wound up stressed and sick in 2011, I quit law, retired from netball and followed my passion into health and wellbeing.

ygf: Wow, talk about diverse beginnings! I am so pleased you were able to find heath and healing. How did these drastic life changes turn into your now business?

My business began after the birth of my second daughter. I was so used to feeling fit and strong, that I really struggled to accept the changes that happened to my body as a result of my pregnancy. I had a few post-birth complications, which meant that I couldn’t do the kinds of exercise I was used to doing. I realised just how little support and guidance is offered to new mums and I wanted to create a place where new mums would feel empowered to return to exercise in a safe and positive way. The Fit Mummy Project was born out of that.

ygf: It is so powerful to share a journey with other strong women. Will you tell us a bit more about The Fit Mummy Project?

The Fit Mummy Project App is a complete post-natal fitness and wellbeing App for mums. It contains over 35 workouts including early post-natal, fitness, strength, barre and yoga workouts that mums can do from their home in just 10-20 minutes. The Fit Mummy Project App is a part of the larger Fit Mummy Project brand that includes ebooks, my website and the Fit Mummy Project community.

ygf: What’s the best part about your business?

The name conveys the journey that we all have to go through to find our sense of confidence and strength post-birth. The Fit Mummy Project is about the journey to create a strong body and a healthy lifestyle after baby. It is amazing to see the difference the Fit Mummy Project is making in someone’s life. I save all the kind notes that women send to me – it makes me feel so proud. There is a lot of doubt involved in running your own business. I am constantly second guessing myself and wondering whether I am doing the right thing. These simple emails, messages or even comments on social media give me the confidence that I am doing the right thing.

ygf: Those are the stories that keep each of us going, especially when the going gets tough. What was the inspiration to consume a gluten free diet?

In 2011, I was stressed out and sick and my stress was manifesting as a rash on my face and neck. I did several blood tests and realised that I had developed an intolerance to a lot of foods. I went on a strict 3-month diet that included no gluten and no dairy. Within 2 weeks I felt so much better and within a month I felt the best that I had ever felt. I have tried to continue to avoid gluten and dairy as much as possible since then.

ygf: It’s amazing how different every person’s health journey is. What is your inspiration?

I get most of my inspiration from my own journey through motherhood and from conversations with my friends. Motherhood is a time of huge change, and often it is very confronting. I always thought I was a very confident person but I realised that a lot of this confidence came from my fitness and my ability to work hard. When I could no longer exercise the way I wanted to or work the way I wanted, I was forced to see myself for the first time without all those labels. So this journey through motherhood has been a huge source of inspiration for me.

ygf: What makes you unique?

I think my approach to health and wellbeing is quite unique. I have combined all my experience as an elite athlete with my yoga knowledge to create a new approach to post-natal health. I have been fortunate enough from my time as an athlete to have been surrounded by the best of the best, so I have a lot of knowledge and experience which I am now using to share with other women.

ygf: What does a normal day in your life look like these days?

Every day is different for me. I have two little girls, so my days are often structured around them. A ‘normal day’ would look something like:

  • 5AM: Wake up to teach a 6AM Yoga or Barre class. I’ll make a ginger, lemon and honey tea to drink on the walk to class.
  • 7AM: Home for breakfast with the girls. I do a quick tag team with my husband before he heads off for work. In winter I’ll have a quinoa porridge with coconut yoghurt, almond milk and goji berries.
  • 9AM: We start our day. The girls go to Kindy twice a week and are also minded by their grandparents twice a week. I will generally work from around 9 till 3. Although some days this changes and I’ll have the girls all day, so I will get minimal work done. I have a million cups of tea during my workday. I find it keeps me from constantly grazing through the day. Although that does often happen too.
  • 4PM: Play time with the girls. I often find it hard to switch off from my workday, so I will try to practice a short yoga flow or meditation to clear my mind and help me end my working day.
  • 6PM: Dinner time. We eat different dinners every night of the week. My current favourite is my Green Soup with grilled chicken or salmon. The girls love plain rice at the moment – not very exciting.
  • 7PM – 8:30PM: TV, baths and trying to get the girls to bed.

  • 8:30 – 10PM: My husband and I will watch some TV and snack on some chocolate or these amazing paleo brownies I have recently discovered.

ygf: What’s one word that sums you up?


ygf: What is your motto?

“I am creating a life and business that I love.” I find that this simple statement helps me to remember that I am the one in control of my life and I can create whatever life I chose for myself.

ygf: What is your interest in the health industry and how does it relate to your product?

Our health is our most important asset. As mums we often put everyone else’s needs before our own. However, if our health suffers, then everyone around us also suffers. Investing in your physical and mental health is the best gift you can give to your family.

ygf: What’s your #1 health tip?

Listen to your intuition. You above anyone else know what is best for your body. Sometimes we need some inspiration or guidance, but always come back to your own inner wisdom.



We are giving away two Fit Mummy Project Bundles, containing the Exercise Guide and the Nourish Guide (valued at $39.90). The Fit Mummy Project Bundle equips mums with all the tools they need to feel their best, including post-natal exercises, recipes, advice, and health and wellness tips. Stay tuned to yum. Gluten Free’s Facebook and Instagram for your chance to win!


How do we access your product?

The Fit Mummy Project App is available in the App store. The Android version will be released in August 2017. The Fit Mummy Project Guides including the Exercise Guide and the Nourish Guide are available at

Instagram: @kimmysmithfit

Facebook: @fitmummysquad


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