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Living a gluten free lifestyle can be filled with lots of questions about ingredient choices and food preparation. In Good food, gluten free, Thermomix has delivered a brand new, 100% gluten free cookbook and recipe chip that eliminates the guesswork from cooking gluten free! Qualified dietician and Executive Manager at Thermomix, Bianca Mazur, shares with us how Thermomix and Good food, gluten free takes the pressure off committing to a gluten free lifestyle.


ygf: Hi Bianca! Tell us a bit about yourself.

I have been using the Thermomix since I was 16 years old when my mother first brought it home from Poland. Now I am a mother of two young children who love their Thermomix as much as I did all those years ago. I have been working in the family business for 15 years now and love every minute! I am also a qualified dietitian and have always been passionate about promoting better eating practices.


ygf: Why has Thermomix launched a gluten free cookbook?

We recognise that the rates of people diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, as well as gluten intolerance and sensitivity, are rising quickly in Australia. For us, it is important that we support this community in their drive to take control of their diets and be able to make delicious, nourishing meals easily in the kitchen.


ygf: Tell us about Good food, gluten free and why it’s a must-have cookbook.

The Thermomix enables you to make core ingredients and pantry items from scratch, like grinding your own flours and making your own pastries, pasta and breads. Good food, gluten free also has recipes that many people on a gluten free diet might otherwise feel that they have to miss out on, such as our amazing gluten free sausage rolls and hot cross buns.


ygf: How does the Thermomix support a gluten free diet?

The Thermomix really allows you to control exactly what is going into your meals, which is important when you need to avoid gluten. It also helps you to eliminate preservatives and additives which can often be found in a lot of packaged gluten free foods. People love these easy Thermomix options so that making your own gluten free meals is no longer such a time consuming process!


ygf: What’s the best part about the Thermomix?

I love that it can make a difference in someone’s life in so many ways. Cooking with a Thermomix can open up a whole new world of creativity in the kitchen, allowing you to create gluten free (and traditional!) meals you may previously have thought impossible. It has also allowed me to spend more time with the kids as I’m able to prepare healthy meals quickly and easily.


ygf: How would you describe Thermomix’s mission?

Our mission is to introduce people to a healthier lifestyle by focusing on enhancing their cooking and eating practices. We have an amazing appliance in the Thermomix! It makes creating healthy, gluten free meals at home achievable for anyone, whether you are already a great cook or are a beginner in the kitchen.


ygf: Where do you find inspiration?

I take inspiration from the people around me who I meet day-to-day. I hear so many inspiring stories from customers about how their Thermomix makes a difference in their lives, whether it is helping them lose weight by controlling what goes into their meals or helping them lead a healthier lifestyle by reducing additives and preservatives in their diet.


ygf: What’s your #1 health tip?

Keep it simple and don’t overcomplicate things! There is so much health information out there now which can make it so confusing for people, and we can really be too hard on ourselves. If we just stick to the basics and aim to eat lots of fresh, wholesome foods, that will make a huge impact on our health by eliminating so many nasties found in processed and packaged foods.


ygf: What is the vision for the future of Thermomix? Anything exciting in the pipeline?

I am really focused on further expanding our Thermomix health resources to support the health of our customers. In addition to the recent release of Good food, gluten free, we have a number of exciting projects underway to help our customers create lifelong healthy eating habits. Stay tuned!



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