{ At ‘The Muesli’, the aim has always been to educate and enlighten people not just to sell them a product. }

At ‘The Muesli’, the aim has always been to educate and enlighten people not just to sell them a product.

There is simply too much confusion about diet, nutrition, sugar, fat, what’s good or bad for you, and unfortunately, that’s just the way the people that make and sell food like it.

Sadly this is exacerbated in the population diagnosed with coeliac disease and other gluten intolerances, those that are dependent on eating gluten-free foods.

This may come as a surprise, but the ‘gluten-free’ shelves and the breakfast cereal shelves have a lot in common – SUGAR – and lots of it.

‘The Muesli’ has been expressly developed because of this and is 97% sugar free. In fact, it contains just 1.9g/100g sugars, naturally occurring from 12 all-natural and nutritious ingredients.

In an attempt to assist with all the confusion, Emma Dumas at The Muesli has come up with a very simple rule of thumb, that she says, if people follow, will let them prove for themselves what the real culprit is.

It’s called ‘The One Line Rule®’ and it’s designed to keep sugar in check, by setting the consumer a very basic task – ‘on any nutrition panel check one line: ‘sugars’. If it’s more than 5g/100g (5%), move on.

Emma’s a big believer that we are consuming way too much sugar in our diets, much of it added to or found in processed foods that we buy daily. She’s also read the evidence of the damage it can do and wants to help people to become more conscious about just how much sugar they might be feeding to their families.

“The human body is an extraordinary machine, capable of way more than we’ll ever know. One of the processes that it’s most efficient at, is converting nutrients from food into available energy,” she explains.

“It is particularly good at breaking down the complex carbohydrates, fats and protein in the food that we eat, into a simple sugar, the body’s energy source – glucose. So, if the body can do that, there is no need to be eating foods laden with sugar.”