Brazilian Tapioca changes gluten free bread for Australia!

{ This surprising gluten free flat bread-alternative is delicious and can be used for sweet or savoury ingredients. It’s also free from dairy, sugar, soy, yeast… in fact, it’s simply tapioca and water! }

Gluten free bread like never before... we're proud to introduce, Brazilian Tapioca!

Brazilian Tapioca was created by the beautiful Brazilian couple based in Noosa, QLD, Rod and Dani. If you’re ever in Noosa, you can find their stall at the Eumundi Markets every Saturday and the Noosa Farmer’s Markets on Sundays. They had such a high demand for their product at the markets that in 2019, they produced their very unique and incredibly special Brazilian Tapioca take home flour bags! With 2020 devastating local farmer’s markets they way it did, they invested in new and improved packaging. Now, you can buy these locally on the Sunshine Coast or at realtors Australia-wide.

They started their family business after being granted Australia Permanent Residency in 2015. They decided to follow their passion for Brazilian flavours and healthy food, leading them to the Brazilian Tapioca Flat Bread.

At the markets on the Sunshine Coast, they have an incredible sweet and savoury menu for breakfast or lunch. With the product being naturally gluten free, they decided to make the entire menu gluten free… how fantastic! They even go above and beyond, ensuring that none of the ingredients involved contain “may contain” or “produced in the same facility as” disclaimers. They also have many plant-based options.

Dani’s favourite part about the business? “Seeing the smile on people faces when they eat something new and different that’s simply delicious, knowing it’s 100% gluten free.”

The base itself is only Tapioca flour and water and it’s so easy to make and versatile in the kitchen. There is truly nothing like it! All you do is sift the flour into a pan, warm on a medium heat and it turns into flat bread… It’s incredible! You then add your sweet or savoury ingredients and enjoy.

Tapioca is made from the nutrient dense root vegetable: CASSAVA

Gluten Free

Vegan friendly


What is their inspiration? Dani says, “We love to have an Australian product and the support of local community. We dream of a future that more people will value where they spend their money and support small business.”

Dani and Rod dream to see Brazilian Tapioca Flat Bread as a staple on Australian lifestyle. They are working to have their product available in more places around Australia, versus mostly available online.

Want to purchase your very own Brazilian Tapioca Flat Bread? You can currently purchase online and at select retailers. See the full list of stockists on their website:

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