Tortilla Veggie Chips by Keep It Cleaner

{ Only five gluten free ingredients for a delicious and nutritious snack }

Who doesn’t love tortilla chips? Keep it Cleaner made the favourite gluten free snack cleaner and hid some vegetables in there too!

Popular lifestyle and fitness brand, Keep it Cleaner in partnership with Metro Food Co. launched a range of clean label tortilla chips in 2020 and have since been a hit with consumers.

The three products are a unique concept of tortilla chips with vegetable inclusions creating the range of Keep It Cleaner tortilla veggie chips green pea, chickpea and lentil and beetroot. Each of these delicious flavour variants are kept clean with minimal ingredients- a maximum of 5 ingredients and the inclusion of real vegetables into the tortilla chip to impart flavour and colour. The all-natural snacks are cleverly crafted without any artificial colours or flavours and preservatives.

In August 2020 Keep It Cleaner, in collaboration with Woolworths, ran the ‘Name Your Nachos’ competition asking participants to share their favourite clean Nachos recipe through social media platforms Instagram and Facebook. Out of the array of creative and delicious recipes shared, the winner was the gluten free, egg free and nut free recipe ‘Veggie Loaded Nachos’ which is now published in the recipes section of the Keep It Cleaner app.

The Keep It Cleaner Tortilla Veggie Chips can be found exclusively at Woolworths.

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