ORGRAN Buckwheat Spirals

{ Gluten free pasta that tastes like the real thing, doesn’t fall apart and is ready in ten minutes… sign me up! }

Who doesn’t love pasta? I would dare to say good gluten free pasta is the number one food item people say they miss when they go on a gluten free diet. This is why we are thrilled to introduce you to ORGRAN’s Buckwheat Spirals gluten free pasta!

This pasta is 80% buckwheat and 20% rice flour, making it extremely nutrient dense. It truly stays together as well, which is quite rare when cooking gluten free pasta. It is cooked in 8-10 minutes and can be topped with anything you choose. Just imagine… pesto, cream sauce, marinara, just butter with salt and pepper… no judgement here! It is also made in an allergy-free facility making it safe for those with food allergies and can be taken to school! 

ORGRAN’s Buckwheat Spirals can be purchased in be purchased in Australia from selected supermarkets, health food shops and online retailers. 

For more information on products by ORGRAN, click here. Enjoy!

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