{ Smoothie Bombs, for the win! These Bombs are packed with nutrition to give your smoothie the daily boost it needs… and you deserve! }

The Smoothie Bombs… now used world-wide! It was a pleasure sitting down with Cinzia Cozzolino, nutritionist, single mum and creator of The Smoothie Bombs. Prior to starting her business, she was in survival mode, raising her two daughters on welfare. Once her daughters went to high school, Cinzia decided to study a bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) and stumbled into the business world from there! Read on to learn all about this amazing product and why it needs to be a part of your daily routine


Thank you so much for your time, Cinzia. Please tell us about about your brand, The Smoothie Bombs?

It is a pleasure to be here! The Smoothie Bombs are portioned smoothie boosters. They take the fuss out of healthy smoothie making – all the hard work is done for you! Instead of measuring a spoonful of this and a scoopful of that, 1 Bomb has it all. Our Bombs combine 10 natural certified organic ingredients such as nutrition-rich powders, nuts and seeds and whole fruits. We make smoothies with them every day and guarantee there are absolutely no preservatives or nasties added!


Fantastic! It sounds perfect for those non-breakfast eaters, or those looking to add a nutritious boost to their routine! How did your business begin?

The Smoothie Bombs came about to make sure my daughters received a nutrient-dense breakfast. My youngest, Lana, wasn’t eating breakfast at all and I wanted to come up with an convenient nutritious option for her. As it proved successful at home, family and friends started using my boosters. Then local cafes came on board. 7 years later we’re now available worldwide!


Wow, congratulations! The tick of approval from your kids is definitely the best first step. How did you come up with the name?

It’s original name was ‘Nutrition Bomb’, as in exploding nutrition into your morning smoothie. As time went by, we changed it to “Smoothie” bomb as it explained its purpose better.


I love that it’s clear what the product is and how to use it. What’s the best part about your business?

Learning! I’m constantly faced with new challenges that I have to be creative to solve.


I think most of us business owners can relate to that! What was the inspiration to include gluten free products?

After studying about the effect gluten has on the body while doing my Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) I knew it was a path I wanted to take. While I was in practice, I found so many of my clients had issues digesting gluten so I knew the need was out there.


Perfect for our gluten free audience as well! How do you take care to ensure your products are gluten free?

We have to test batches regularly to be allowed to state the phrase “Gluten Free” on the packet. This also means that the factory that produces our product has to also ensure that gluten is not on the premises when the Smoothie Bombs are being made.


That’s great to know. Ensuring products are 100% gluten free can be a big process but we are so grateful. What is your interest in the health industry and how does it relate to your product?

I have always eaten real, whole, plant based foods. The Smoothie Bombs are certified organic, gluten free, vegan, paleo, raw and palm oil free. We always ensure ingredients are ethically sourced. My products reflect my ethics.


Fantastic. How do we access your product?

We’re available online (worldwide), in every Chemist Warehouse as well as 500 good food stores. We’re also available in Asia and NZ.


Wow, congratulations on your success! What does a normal day in your life look?

There is no ‘average’ day at The Smoothie Bombs. It’s super exciting as there are so many new things to do. I basically work on every level of the business, from packing wholesale orders to marketing, graphic design, recipe development and photography.


Haha I believe it. Never a dull moment. What is your inspiration?

My inspiration is my kids. Becoming a mother made me realise how important feeding my family good food is, so much so that I went and studied it and used that information to create my brand.


I’m sure there are plenty of family business owners that can relate. What makes you unique?

My crazy passion and ever ready energy to just keep going. When it comes to making products, I really don’t like following trends. I like to think of new and innovative ways to do things hence The Smoothie Bombs!


Any funny stories you’d like to share?

Well, I did once sell Smoothie Bombs to the Middle East! The Royal Family in Dubai placed a massive order a couple of years ago, when we still hand rolled the Smoothie Bombs. We rolled and rolled for weeks.


Rolling by hand?? That would have been a massive feat! What’s one word that sums you up?

Daring. I love getting stuck into new things.


I think that’s clear with your revolutionary products. What is your motto?

If you stumble, make it part of the dance.


Ah, I love it! It is easy to get down on ourselves when it’s all a part of the process. What’s your #1 health tip?

Listen to your body and trust your gut.


Literally! What is your vision for the future? Anything exciting in the pipeline?

We have lots of new delicious flavours coming out down the line. I am currently writing a book for women in business, which is something I’m really passionate about.


That is fantastic. Please let us know when it’s released. Thank you so much for your time, Cinzia! How do our readers stay in touch?

Website: www.thesmoothiebombs.com

Instagram: @TheSmoothieBombs @NutritionDarling

Facebook: The Smoothie Bombs, Nutrition Darling

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