Brekki Muesli Cranberry Crunch

{ An allergen-free muesli? That’s right! A muesli that is even safe for your kids to take to school. }

Are you looking for an allergy-friendly muesli? Do your kids go to a food allergy aware school? Do you love adding muesli to your trail mixes or making homemade snack bars? Is someone in your family allergic or avoiding gluten, nuts, yeast, dairy, eggs or soy? If you answered yes to any of these, ORGRAN’s Brekki Muesli Cranberry Crunch is the perfect addition to your kitchen pantry!

Enjoy the flavours and nutrients of quinoa, cinnamon, bran and cranberries in this delicious muesli mix. You can enjoy it with your preferred type of milk, add to muffins or make homemade muesli bars for weekday snacking! How about muesli cookies or a slice? I personally like mine with a cold serve of almond milk and lots of fresh berries!

ORGRAN’s Brekki Muesli Cranberry Crunch can be purchased in be purchased in Australia from selected supermarkets, health food shops and online retailers. 


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