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Gluten-free diet adherence can be challenging for many individuals- gluten cross-contamination is common, especially when eating out, travelling or when food preparation is out of your control.

It is well-known that a strict gluten-free diet is the only means of treating severe gluten sensitivity. However, as a gluten-free diet can be fraught with error, it has been recognised that a safeguard against instances of cross-contamination would enhance the quality of life of those who experience the difficult symptoms of gluten sensitivity.

Preventing cross-contamination is a must!Gluten Cross Contamination Image



Gluten is a protein that is complex for all individuals to break down, let alone those who suffer from gluten sensitivity. Different fragments of the protein are responsible for different reactions within the body. One of the components of gluten, gliadin, contains specific toxic fractions which the body is unable to produce the enzymes to adequately break down. These immunogenic peptides are left undigested, lingering in the body, where they can trigger unpleasant symptoms and even long-lasting damage.

Although the body produces its own enzymes, sometimes it can be deficient in what is required to completely break down complex proteins like gluten. Enzyme deficiency can affect many different aspects of digestive health- as written by Moloughney, for some, the body’s ‘natural ability to produce enzymes starts declining as early as age 25… so given their importance to many of the body’s functions, supplementation is beneficial’ (2017, p.58). By creating supplements out of animal or plant products, the body’s digestive process can be aided. Research in the field of gluten sensitivity has demonstrated the potential of enzyme supplements in optimizing the absorption of nutrients and the digestive process as a whole.


GluteGuard is a natural, Australian-made digestive enzyme supplement that is able to specifically target and break down the toxic gluten proteins that induce an immune response. By detoxifying any inadvertently ingested gluten particles, GluteGuard prevents the symptoms and long-lasting damage associated with all levels of gluten intolerance, and helps you maintain your gluten-free diet. For further information about GluteGuard, check out


Reference: Moloughney, S 2017, ‘Enzymes: Essential to Wellness’, Nutraceuticals World, vol. 20, no. Part 1, pp. 58-62.

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