{ Eggs made easy, from back garden to plate. }

Eglu’s are the UK’s number one selling chicken house, and now for the first time they are available in Australia!

The humble chicken house got a makeover by the Omlet team in 2004 when the Eglu was launched. Eglu’s are made from 100% recyclable energy-efficient polymers in funky colours that have twin wall insulation – keeping houses warm in winter and cool in summer, even in the Aussie heat.

Keeping chickens has never been easier with an Eglu, the house and run are easy to clean – just hose it down, plus the innovative design means chickens will be healthier and happier.

Chickens make great family pets, easy to look after, no need to walk them, with the added bonus of eggs every day. Owners just can’t go wrong.

Omlet co-founder James Tuthill says the Eglu is a major rethink of domestic chicken housing and will make keeping chickens straightforward and fun for anyone.

“Nothing compares to the fantastic taste of homegrown eggs and the good feeling you get from knowing exactly where your food is coming from,” Tuthill says.

Omlet’s refreshingly straightforward approach to keeping chickens means the good life is now just a phone call or mouse click away.

The Eglu Go house and accessories are available to order from $339 online. With a beginner’s guide to keeping chickens and 30-day money back guarantee, Eglu’s mean that anyone can start living the good life today.

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