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{ GluteGuard… friend or foe to those with coeliac disease and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity? Read on to learn how this product can benefit you physically and even emotionally! }

It’s not everyday yum. Gluten Free delves into the complicated and fascinating realm of food science. But in this instance we’re making an exception to clear up any confusion about a product that was launched in October 2016 – GluteGuard. You may remember GluteGuard sparked a bit of controversy when the media mislabelled it as a product to “cure coeliac disease.” It’s time to set the record straight and clarify the real benefits of GluteGuard and why you might want to keep a bottle handy when eating out and travelling.

But first and foremost, please note these extremely important facts about GluteGuard:

GluteGuard is NOT:

  • An excuse to “cheat” on your medically necessary gluten free diet
  • A reason to not ask all your typical questions to restaurant staff or at social events when eating out or travelling
  • An opportunity to consume foods or beverages that you do not know or are not confident are 100% gluten free
  • A replacement for being vigilant about avoiding cross contamination
  • A “fix,” medication, or treatment for either coeliac disease or non-coeliac gluten sensitivity

GluteGuard IS:

  • A digestive enzyme uniquely formulated and tested to speed up the break down, digestion, and elimination of inadvertently consumed gluten from the body
  • Developed based on research from published clinical trials
  • A naturally-based product that can be taken prior to meals that were not prepared in your own home and where you may be at an increased risk of cross-contamination
  • An aid to those with debilitating anxiety regarding eating food not prepared in their own home, knowing that the unwanted symptoms may be reduced

Refer to for additional information regarding the use of GluteGuard and consult with your GP before introducing any supplements into your diet

Behind the brand

In 2001, biopharmaceutical company Glutagen was established in Melbourne after decades of research in the global science of gluten digestion. Scientists Dr Stelmasiak and Prof. Cornell specialise in gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease research and have a passion for helping those who suffer from gluten related issues. They have further advanced gluten sensitivities research, particularly in the area of digestive enzymes, with the discovery of a natural enzyme found in the fruit of the Carica papaya plant. This enzyme can break down gluten peptides into smaller, harmless fragments. This discovery led to the creation of GluteGuard, a natural enzyme supplement for inadvertent gluten digestion.

Stick with me! I promise you will want to know the rest and why coeliacs should take special note of this product!

The scientists

Glutagen’s lead researcher and consultant, Professor Hugh Cornell, is a former Professor of Biological Chemistry at the RMIT University in Melbourne and has a distinguished international career spanning over 40 years in gluten intolerance and coeliac disease research. With over 100 published scientific papers, Professor Cornell and fellow lead researcher and Executive Director Dr Teodor Stelmasiak, conducted founding work on the enzyme deficiency hypothesis in coeliac disease. They worked together to help identify the toxic peptides in gliadin and contributed fundamental knowledge to the global science of coeliac disease and gluten digestion disorders.

GluteGuard is a product built on almost fifty years of Australian clinical research. Early work by Prof Cornell and Dr Stelmasiak hypothesized that gluten sensitivity stems from an enzyme deficiency. New developments in the field of enzyme supplementation resulted in the idea of utilizing an enzyme that could target and break down specific peptides that have been proven to be toxic for those intolerant to gluten. As it was a well-known that a 100% gluten-free diet was difficult to maintain, the Glutagen team wanted to create a safeguard to support a gluten-free diet. These ideas culminated in the creation of GluteGuard.

The nitty gritty

GluteGuard’s patented enzyme action has been scientifically shown to assist in the digestion of gluten. GluteGuard is the only enzyme supplement that delivers the right enzyme at the right time, protecting you from cross-contamination and inadvertent gluten ingestion. It has a special coating that ensures it survives the acidic environment of the stomach, only releasing the enzymes once it reaches the small intestine where they are needed most. It is manufactured in Australia, ensuring it meets our highest quality standards. It is extremely important to note that GluteGuard is effective for inadvertent ingestion of gluten. This DOES NOT mean that it gives you any excuse to not ask all the important questions when eating out or at someone’s house!

“What are digestive enzymes?” you might ask. Digestive enzymes are an important part of your digestive process, breaking down proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other food components into harmless smaller fragments so that they can be used by the body. There are a variety of types of digestive enzymes available, all with individual unique properties. Glutagen’s scientists discovered caricain, a natural enzyme found in the fruit oleoresin of the Carica papaya plant. Caricain has been proven to be effective at targeting and breaking down the small gluten peptides previously identified to be toxic for those sensitive to gluten.

How to take it

GluteGuard is designed for one tablet to be taken immediately before a meal where you may be concerned about the possibility of cross contamination. This enables the enzymes to be released in the small intestine at the same time as your food begins to be digested. It is recommended that your dosage not exceed four tablets per day. It is important to remember that GluteGuard is a preventative enzyme supplement. Clinical trials indicated that it is most effective when taken immediately before a meal, as this ensures that the enzymes are released before any inadvertent gluten particles can cause symptoms. All clinical trials were completed with adult participants so GluteGuard cannot be recommended for children. As long as you’re over 18 years old, GluteGuard is recommended for anyone seeking to prevent the symptoms of gluten ingestion, for those wanting to maintain a gluten-free diet or anyone looking to combat cross-contamination while dining out or travelling.

Please note, if you experience other allergies, other digestive issues or are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend having a chat to your healthcare professional before taking GluteGuard. As long as you follow the directions on the bottle and maintain your gluten-free diet, GluteGuard has no side-effects.


Glutegen’s General Manager, Ezequiel Peña, was thrilled to assist in GluteGuard’s launch in October 2016. He said the outstanding testimonials and support from the community have been incredibly rewarding.

Mr Peña tells yum. Gluten Free, “One of the highlights of working at Glutagen has been hearing the feedback from our new customers. We invited thousands of our customers to complete a product feedback survey and received staggering results! GluteGuard is genuinely changing people’s lives, which is very rewarding to hear through customer testimonials. GluteGuard is proving to be a product that can positively affect the quality of life of those whose wellbeing has been compromised by their diet in the past. Knowing that GluteGuard is helping people to enjoy life at its best is a great reward for all of us.”

The staff at Glutagen enjoy contributing to the growing research behind both enzyme supplementation and the wider spectrum of gluten intolerance. One of their long-term visions involves the development of a line of products tailored to more efficiently cater to the necessities of anyone on the wide spectrum of gluten sensitivities. For now, they are proud that GluteGuard is proving to be of great help to those struggling with gluten cross-contamination and who are now able to enjoy every aspect of life without having to stress about gluten ruining the day.

Why GluteGuard matters to me

I’m going to interject here with a personal anecdote. Some of you may be thinking, “Why would #nocrumbsplease yum. need or use this product?” Well the easy answer is, we are here to set the record straight for everything related to gluten free and make the gluten free life easier for those with coeliac disease and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. The harder answer is a bit about me and my journey as a coeliac. After being diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2010, it took me about a year to take it seriously and truly go #nocrumbsplease. This was a massive relief to my health and wellbeing and only then did I finally start to become physically better. However, this is when the psychological and emotional battle really began for me. I struggled for years with crippling anxiety around eating any food that was not directly prepared by me, which then fed into other areas of my life. It was damaging to my relationships, my health and my confidence, but I felt trapped in fear of getting “coeliac-sick,” as I call it. For me personally, having this product on hand would have been a tremendous relief to my anxiety around eating out and travelling. It is not an excuse to not call ahead and ask all the necessary questions, but just knowing that I had a product that would help process any incidental ingestion of gluten would have done wonders for my peace of mind. At yum. Gluten Free, our main goal is always the safety and health of coeliacs, like myself, so please do not misuse this product. Phone ahead, prep like normal, ask all of your questions and use GluteGuard strictly as a safeguard. The reality is, when we eat food prepared by others, we are putting our health in their hands! This is just one more step to ensure we are protecting ourselves as best as possible.


How to purchase your bottle

If you would like to purchase GluteGuard, it is available worldwide and exclusively at Since the launch in October 2016, they have delivered GluteGuard to more than 57 countries around the world!

For further information, hop on their website: There, you can subscribe to the newsletter for product updates, leave a testimonial, or check out the community page for recipes and gluten free living tips! They would also love to receive your questions and comments via email at

For Coeliac Australia’s official stance on GluteGuard, please see their statement here:

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