Dani Stevens’ Immunity Boosting Tips

{ Yum sat down for a chat with Dani Stevens for immunity boosting tips }

yum. had the pleasure of sitting down with health, fitness and food motivator, Dani Stevens. With four kids, Dani and her family have developed some standout ways to fight winter and keep their immune systems strong all year long!

yum.: What does a normal day in your life look like?

6-7am: Typically I will either do my workouts before my husband leaves for work or while one of our daughters is asleep.

8-9am: Breakfast and the kids morning routine + my green raspberry smoothie on the go!

12-1pm: It’s lunch time… for me it is toast, poached eggs & asparagus – YUM!

2-3pm: Fun times with Mietta and Zali as we play princesses.

3-4pm: School pick up, snack time & bike ride with the kids.

5-6pm: Prep and cook dinner, tonight is turkey balls with herbs.

6-7pm: Adrian helps out with bed time routine as I train for my bike ride and stretch afterwards.

8-10pm: My chillax time usually consists of reading a good book and nourishing with a warm snack (Mix 180 Nutrition chocolate protein powder with almond milk and porridge, served with oranges). Beats the block of chocolate I used to smash!

Y: How do you keep your family active and healthy all year round?

We have our daily #ds365 mantra whereby we do our 10,000 steps per day and/or move our body 10-15 minutes. After school and weekend activities are jam packed with fun things to do so we are always active with 4 kids!

Y: What are you top immunity boosting tips for your kids?

  • Don’t forget breakfast – In our household, mornings are the craziest time of day. Amongst the chaos, make sure everyone has a wholesome, substantial breakfast before the day gets underway.
  • Keep moving – Keep up the household momentum by ensuring everyone gets some daily exercise; it’s even better if you can squeeze some Vitamin D from the sun in there too.
  • Plenty of fluids – Whether sick, exercising or just going about their everyday lives, make sure your child has a water bottle or easy access to water throughout the day.
  • Always pack a healthy lunchbox – A good range of fruit & veg, protein and dairy, and some carbohydrates is really important. During the cooler months, try to include lots of immunity-building foods like citrus fruits, berries, tomatoes, pumpkin or whole grains.
  • Keep the medicine cabinet stockedI always keep a few bottles of kids cough relief liquid in the medicine cabinet to help soothe a chesty cough, which can often keep the whole house up at night.
  • Hygiene clean – Our kids’ daily hygiene habits – such as handwashing after meals and play time – are important all year round, but teaching them extra tips like covering their mouths when coughing is really important to prevent spreading infection. Putting a few extra hand sanitizers around the house or in the car is helpful too.


Y: As a busy mother of four, wife and hugely successful fitness personality, how do you find balance?

I make time. Often people say they don’t have time, but we do. When we make the time to fit in all the things we enjoy and love to do, it magically flows within your day.

I make my life work for me and my family always comes first. Early workouts before school runs, office meetings & errands, school pick ups, dinner & bed time routine, date night with hubby and sleep (see routine above).

Y: What are your top tips and tricks to encourage children to eat nutritiously?

Help and let them choose the food they want to eat. Let them meal prep with you to experiment with flavours, spices and herbs. Make faces and artwork out of food you can eat. Above all teach them something new about that particular food. Often on Snapchat and Instagram you will see our kids sharing the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables. What kids doesn’t want to be smart and full of goodness?

Y: How do our readers stay in touch with you?

Where ever YOU are I want to be with you!







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