Caring Canary is an online gift boutique that will now be your one-stop-shop to quickly and easily brighten someone’s day, so that you can win partner, friend, colleague or family member of the year. Caring Canary connects people and cultivates happiness through premium, meaningful and convenient gift-giving.

Caring Canary gifts feature hard-to-find, unique, artisan-luxe products from a diverse range of Australian businesses, as well premium International brands. They also offer a bespoke gifting service and can work with you to create a unique gift to perfectly suit your needs.

One of their carefully curated care packages is the most convenient way for busy, time-poor people to show someone they care. Just think, you don’t remember every bunch of flowers you’ve ever received, but it’s those highly thought-out, personalised gifts that are engrained with you forever.

Caring Canary offers express overnight shipping around Australia and includes a FREE handwritten Caring Card with every order.