Bells and Whistles Gluten Free Cake Slices

Bells and Whistles Gluten Free Cake Slices

Bells and Whistles Gluten Free Cake Slices

{ Bells & Whistles is the new Vegan, Gluten, Wheat and Milk free brand that puts layers of flavour and taste experience at the forefront of its indulgent cakes in Australia }

With a baked coconut and almond base, topped with a rich ganache and finished with Vegan white or dark chocolate, Bells & Whistles' slices pack a punch far above their weight. At under 120 calories - a slice has never tasted so good!

‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’ – Abraham Lincoln

And that’s exactly what they did. Bells of Lazonby began baking since 1946 and have been innovating in gluten free for over 10. Their mission is to change the way the world sees gluten free! We like the sound of that.

Bells of Lazonby created the brand BELLS & WHiSTLES to develop a gluten free and vegan treat. After 18 months of research and development, they created a cake-like slice using top ingredients to give a truly layered and different taste experience. You would never believe that these slices come in at under 120 calories a slice!

Why all the effort for a new gluten free and vegan product? All of the love of food, of course! Development and innovation plays a key part within the business and they aim to always add an element of surprise and delight with their baked products.

This particular range of slices balances health and indulgence. The aim was to treat yourself but make it easy to do this with better, portion controlled ingredients. We all live very busy lives and believe it’s important to take a moment and enjoy ourselves once in a while.

Using a baked coconut and almond base, dark chocolate ganache, roasted nuts and pieces of real fruit, BELLS & WHiSTLES is gluten, wheat and milk free, as well as being vegan. Their point of difference is their taste and texture. No one would know they were eating a slice free from milk, gluten or wheat due to the amazing ingredients sourced. Additionally, each product is baked in small batches to retain flavor.   

How can we trust it’s gluten free, you ask? They use a dedicated gluten free site and have rigorous testing of their ingredients and supply chain.

Enough with the chats… let’s get sampling! BELLS & WHiSTLES product line includes berry and cashew, ginger and apricot and nut truffle.

With a vision is to change the way the world sees ‘free from’ food, The team hope to expand BELLS & WHiSTLES to other food types like ice cream, cookies and snacks.  

SNACK READY! BELLS & WHiSTLES is sold in nearly all Coles stores in Australia.

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