We Hate Gluten Festival Brisbane

{ Are you gluten free and feel like you miss out at food stalls and markets? No longer! Keep reading for details about the WE HATE GLUTEN FESTIVAL, including which stalls are safe for coeliacs. }

Food truck haven, Welcome to Bowen Hills, has been bringing us amazing food trucks since they opened early-2018. It is so exciting when new events hit the city but what about those of us with food intolerances and dietary restrictions? Often we will attend markets only to hold a gluten free drink… no safe food in sight. But wait! Everything changes this weekend in Brisbane!


We are THRILLED that Welcome to Bowen Hills has brought us the very first We Hate Brisbane Festival! Every single van will be providing gluten free food and drinks, however not all vans can guarantee against cross-contamination. We got in touch with every business individually to let YOU know which trucks are #nocrumbsplease and safe for coeliacs!

Please see the list below of each vendor attending the festival, notes on whether or not they are #nocrumbsplease and which day they will be vending. While we have been in contact with each vendor individually, you are your own self advocate so please ask any questions you need to feel confident while dining out. We are so excited!


Neshama: Neshama has two fryers, one being dedicated to gluten free everyday. They have thoroughly cleaned both fryers and the whole truck and are only preparing 100% gluten free food all week, in the lead up to the festival this weekend. All flours used will be either corn or chickpea. They feel comfortable serving gluten free food this weekend but want you to use your discretion, as there is normally gluten in the truck so there is a risk of cross-contamination.

Tibetan MomoWhile their standard menu includes gluten containing items, the team prides themselves on their delicious and safe gluten free menu! This will be the only menu available this weekend and will have gluten free soy sauce.

Rolls Pho Mi: 100% gluten free and safe for coeliacs! There will even be gluten free hoisin and peanut dipping sauces. Rolls Pho Mi will also be attending the Gluten Free Expo in May, so be sure to say hi!

Wing Fix: They will be using gluten free flour for the wings and all sauces and seasonings are gluten free. *Wing Fix is boiling out the fryers before the event and using uncontaminated oil BUT warn you to use your own discretion about the risk of any residual gluten in the fryer causing contamination.

London Spuds: 100% gluten free and safe for coeliacs!

Gluten Free Donuts: 100% gluten free all the time and safe for coeliacs!

The Wurst DogsTBA


Mr Burger Brisbane: *Mr Burger stated that their stall will not be safe for coeliacs.

Tibetan MomoWhile their standard menu includes gluten containing items, the team prides themselves on their delicious and safe gluten free menu! This will be the only menu available this weekend and will have gluten free soy sauce.

Spud the Food Truck: The potatoes, salts, sauces and loaded toppings are all gluten free and they will be using gluten free pasta for their mac and cheese. The team is doing a thorough clean of their fryers before putting fresh oil for the festival.
*While they are going above and beyond to cater, the deep fryer does normally contain gluten so they cannot 100% guarantee it is safe. Additionally, while each product itself is gluten free, they also cannot guarantee the products are not made in a shared facility. They are extremely thorough and will have a booklet prepared with the ingredients of every product listed for your viewing. Be sure to ask for it if you are considering eating here! 

Curry in a Cone: Safe for coeliacs! All curries are always gluten free and naan bread is replaced with corn tortillas for the weekend.

Paco’s TacosThe only ingredient that would normally be present that contains gluten is flour tortillas. But get this, Paco’s Tacos have a full procedure in place when you tell them you’re coeliac! When you inform them with your order, they clean down the preparation area, including toasters and trays, and put on fresh gloves. This weekend, the truck will be fully cleaned down and only corn tortillas will be served. DON’T MISS THE FRIED FISH! They make their own GF crumb mixture using gluten free corn flakes. I know what I’ll be ordering!

Gluten Free Donuts: 100% gluten free all the time and safe for coeliacs!

As always, please ask all of your own questions. Even though these answers have come straight from the vendors themselves, it is extremely important that you feel comfortable and confident with everything you eat. We encourage self-advocacy so be sure to practice that this weekend. Also, please don’t get discouraged by the items that are not safe and get PUMPED about the items that are! I can tell you, I will be dining on donuts, fried fish, halloumi loaded fries, chicken curry, and much more! It’s going to be a great event! Entry is FREE and dogs are welcome. Click here for more details about the event.

We will be there so PLEASE SAY HI if you see me!
I cannot wait to dine on gluten free goodies all weekend long.
Olivia xx

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