Gluten Free Sydney Restaurant 317

{ Sydneysiders... There is a Coeliac Australia Accredited Venue in Your Neighbourhood! Restaurant 317 can make everything on the menu gluten free and safe for those with coeliac disease }

When you have coeliac disease, or are required to be strictly gluten free for any reason, dining out safely is something you no longer take for granted. Well... life just got easier with the coeliac-safe gluten free options at Restaurant 317.

Sydneysiders… did you know you’re home to New South Wales’s only Coeliac Australia accredited restaurant AND Sydney’s more inclusive restaurant?! If not, I’m thrilled to introduce Restaurant 317 in Parramatta!

Restaurant 317 has been a home away from home for coeliac disease and gluten free consumers alike for nearly twenty years. With 1 in 70 Australians with Coeliac Disease (Coeliac Australia), Pierre Sande, Founder of Restaurant 317, was inspired to create a welcoming haven for coeliacs after his own family member’s frustrating dining experiences in Sydney and made it his personal mission to give coeliac diners the most compelling offering possible – 100% of their menu is available in gluten-free!

In order to have its menu and fare accredited by Coeliac Australia, the venue had to meet the stringent requirements including an on-site risk assessment, staff training and examination, and laboratory testing of food samples. You can rest assured, the team at Restaurant 317 know how to keep you safe and have created an environment where you can relax and enjoy delicious truly gluten free food.

This is my official notice for all Aussie coeliacs looking for a delicious gluten free meal in a stylish yet cosy setting to head to Restaurant 317 in Parramatta, NSW in Sydney’s wester suburbs!

Click here for more about Restaurant 317 and to book!

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