A Gluten Free Weekend on the Sunshine Coast

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Keen for a weekend getaway but unsure about how to manage your dietary restrictions? We have you covered! Anytime we are headed away for the weekend we make sure we have a space to cook and have done ample research about where we’ll be dining out. With preparation, dietary needs no longer have to put boundaries on your life. Let’s chat about how to find the best place to stay, managing meals for the weekend and where to eat on the Sunny Coast!

The yum. Gluten Free team ventured up the coast to Noosa in July 2018. We were in need of a getaway and the ocean was calling to us. It’s always a priority to stay in a serviced apartment so we have the flexibility to have meals in, versus dining out three meals per day. This also allows us the control of a safe environment when we’re not feeling confident or just want to relax. We had the pleasure of staying at AccomNoosa at Fairshore apartments on Hastings Street. With its beachfront access and proximity to cafes and restaurants, it was the perfect location. Not to mention the heated pool and hot tub… come on!

In a serviced apartment you generally have access to a cooktop, basic appliances and crockery. As someone with coeliac disease, we are always sure to double wash appliances and crockery before using. This may not always be necessary but provides peace of mind. Don’t forget your toaster bags! We spent years burning toast under the grill before finally investing in a set of toaster bags! We say “invested” in jest as they are only $2.00 from the Reject Shop in the Utensils section. You can also buy them online from Coeliac Australia. You simply slide your bread into the bag and pop the whole bag in the toaster – perfect every time!

*Coeliac note: Please remember that the outside of the bag is no longer gluten free! Do not accidentally cross contaminate yourself by putting this bag on your plate. The bags can be washed so they’re ready for their next use.

To maximise beach and adventure time and save money, we generally have at least one meal in our accommodation per day. We absolutely loved staying at AccomNoosa’s Fairshore Apartments and will certainly be back!

For the meals you’re not preparing at your accommodation, check out our Gluten Free Sunshine Coast list below.

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*Venues in pink are 100% gluten free*

Whilst coeliacs have reported safe dining at each of these places, remember to ALWAYS be your own health advocate and let the cafe know your specific needs. If you have coeliac disease, calling ahead and discussing ways to avoid cross contamination is vital for having a safe and confident dining experience. Even if you’ve eating there 100 times before. Contact us if you’d like more information.
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This gorgeous vegetarian cafe has heaps of gluten free options, both on the menu and in the cabinet. What a treat!

Coolum Beach: New Earth

100% GLUTEN FREE!!! Woohoo! Believe it or not, New Earth is also 100% organic, plant-based, raw and dairy free as well. 

Cotton Tree: Harvest Breads

Even with “breads” in the name, this place is all over gluten free. In fact, most of their menu already is!! Be sure to let them know you’re specific needs so they can take care of you.

Cotton Tree: Get Fresh

This family owned business is part supermarket, part cafe. They have a full menu and even serve kombucha cocktails! Stock the pantry after you enjoy a tasty meal!

Forest Glen: Kunara Organic Marketplace

Opened 7 days per week, this organic marketplace and cafe has gluten free options but on the menu and in the shop. A gorgeous spot to spend some time and have a tasty gluten free meal while on the Sunshine Coast.

Eumundi: Brazilian Tapioca

100% gluten free tasty Brazilian food every weekend at the Noosa Famers Markets and Eumundi Markets! A MUST when on the coast!

Maroochydore: Elixiba Restaurant & Alchemy Bar

This place is HEAVEN! 100% gluten free and plant-based but boy, you would never know it! If you’re looking for lunch or dinner on the coast, look no further. From the fit-out to the food, there’s nothing not to love!

Mooloolaba: Cafe Envy

These guys call themselves “The Healthy Alternative” and they have nailed it! Nearly everything can be made gluten free as well. Don’t miss their gourmet sandwiches… yum!

Noosa: VanillaFood

Nearly 100% gluten free!!! This is no average cafe… From sweet treats to epic meals, these guys go over and above with their creations. Be sure to have a meal here if you’re in Noosa! You’ll find them inside Belmondo’s Organic Market.

Noosa Heads: Betty's Burgers

So much YUM! There is nothing like a burger joint that really understands coeliac disease… and these guys nail it! You won’t believe how tasty their GF buns are. Additionally, their chips are gluten free. PRAISE!

Noosa Heads: Bombetta Restaurant & Bar

Fine Italian food gluten free?! That’s right! These guys get it and are more than happy to make any swaps necessary to ensure you have a safe meal.

Noosa Heads: Massimo Gelataria

Epically thick and creamy gelato?! I think yes! Be sure to let them know you’re coeliac so they can clean the scoop. I even ask for them to scoop from a fresh vat… better to be safe than sorry.

Noosa Marina: Italian Marina

Gluten free Italian right, left and centre! Let these guys know your specific needs so they can cater accordingly. Between the gnocchi, pasta, risotto… I don’t know how you’ll decide!

Noosa River: Flux Restaurant & Lounge

This is modern Australian cuisine at it’s finest. Most of the menu is gluten free and they are more than happy to accommodate your needs.

Noosaville: Belmondos Organic Market

This market is full of amazing food and wellness products, in addition to some epic cafes (like VanillaFood!). Have a meal or take some groceries back to your accommodation for a tasty cook-up! 

Noosaville: Depot Cafe

If you’re looking for tasty cafe options and a perfectly brewed coffee, look no further than Depot Cafe!

Noosaville: Brazilian Tapioca

100% gluten free tasty Brazilian food every weekend at the Noosa Famers Markets and Eumundi Markets! A MUST when on the coast!

Peregian Beach: Sushi Wave

If you love sushi, DO NOT MISS SUSHI WAVE! All of their soy sauce, flour and breadcrumbs are 100% gluten free to prevent cross contamination… what champions!!! And their fish is as fresh as they come. Enjoy!

Sunshine Beach: Sum Yung Guys

Co-founded by MasterChef contestant, Matt Sinclair, get ready to explore Asian cuisine like never before. The food (and cocktail) menu is incredibly impressive and are more than happy to direct you to the safest options! So much YUM!!!

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*Low season only

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