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{ Health food in Sydney just got better! Unique Wholefood in Crows Nest and Leichhardt have everything your family needs for a happy healthy household }

If you're looking for health food and eco-friendly household items in Sydney, Unique Wholefood have everything from certified organic produce, dietary friendly pantry items, beauty and eco ranges and more!

Gluten free pasta, flour, soy sauce… Pantry basics like gluten free bread or pasta and specialty items (hellooo gluten free dessert!) can be difficult to find when you have dietary restrictions, allergies or food intolerances. When doing your weekly shop, the dream is to be able to do it all in one location. Sydney friends, we have good news! Unique Wholefood is your local health food market and has just opened its second location! If you’re looking for gluten free near you, health food, organic produce and natural health products, you have a great one-stop-shop.

Unique Wholefood caters to various lifestyle and dietary choices across the wellness spectrum. They value providing a comprehensive and exciting range of a number of products and make it easy for their customers to find what they are looking for or to be presented with a variety of gluten free products.

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At Unique Wholefood in Sydney, you’ll find the following:

  • 100% certified organic, grown in Australia, fruit and vegetables
  • Enormous pantry range including vegan, gluten free, paleo & keto options
  • Natural health & beauty range, including supplements, body care products and natural makeup
  • Eco family range includes pet food, baby & toddler care products and food, and reusable and sustainability household lines
  • Fresh dairy, deli, meat & fish, bread, vegan and gluten free products fill the fridge and freezer sections

Their products never have harmful preservatives, growth hormones or chemicals. They are very particular about what they sell and take time to look into the details of each product and brand.


Unique Wholefood prides itself on having an incredible range of gluten free food, healthy snacks and all of your home and family wellness goods, as well as on providing a positive and welcoming customer service experience. The team is always happy to help you carry your items to your vehicle, will answer any questions you may have, supplies customer product forms and will notify you on the status of that product. They also have an impressive Rewards Program.


Unique Wholefood was founded by Benjamin Federman & Bishnu Baniya in 2018. Benjamin has a passion for wellness and a background in fine arts, design & marketing. Bishnu also possesses a passion for wellness and has spent the last 10 years in the health food industry. Ben & Bishnu came together in order to create one of Sydney’s best health food markets, with a strong and reliable brand and a focus on the customer experience from online to in-store.


Their first shop in Leichhardt of the Inner West opened in January of 2020 and their second shop recently opened in Crows Nest in July. There is now a shop on either side of the Harbour Bridge allowing them to provide healthy foods to a wide demographic and geographic area.


Benjamin Federman says, “Our interest in the health food industry stems from our own passion and the choices that we have made in our lives as individuals. As owners of the business, we have experienced firsthand the benefits that an awareness of health in food and products can make. Food is one of the most obvious and easiest changes to make when attempting to improve one’s health. We are proud to provide a destination that offers over 10,000 different products that take this philosophy into account. We also love the benefits that we personally reap by eating from our shop. We want to share our experience in the health food industry and our own experiences in wellness with the communities around us. We believe by providing a wonderful customer experience, high quality food and products, and an eye for detail, we can make a positive impact and provide like-minded people with a reliable source for their dietary and lifestyle needs, in addition to a positive brand that can attract newcomers.”


Unique Wholefood is transparent in all things they do. Their office is on the retail floor of their Leichhardt location with glass windows and an open door. They welcome customers to have a chat and ask questions to anyone in the team, even the owners.

Unique Wholefoods Shop Bishnu Baniya Image

If you are located in the Leichhardt or Crows Nest areas in Sydney, Unique Wholefood is proud to offer over 10,000 different products. It is their goal to be a destination shop, or as they like to say, the alternative supermarket. When it comes to wellness and health in food and lifestyle, they want their customers to easily find everything they need at one location.

Stay tuned for their refreshed online shop, which will include their full product range! This service already includes dry good shipments through post and courier. Eventually, full grocery and fresh food orders will be available via pick up at either retail store, and a local delivery service to their customers. Just some of the exciting plans ahead for Unique Wholefood and Sydney-siders looking for health-focused products for their families and homes.

Unique Wholefood Leichhardt: 51-53 Flood Street, Leichhardt, NSW 2040
Unique Wholefood Crows Nest: 25 Falcon Street, Crows Nest, NSW 2065

Phone: 02 9564 1679
Email: contact@uniquewholefood.com.au
Website: uniquewholefood.com.au
Instagram: @uniquewholefood
Facebook: @uniquewholefood

Click here for information on how Unique Wholefoods is combatting Coronavirus in store.

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