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{ Tess Ulevsund founded Wellness by Tess with the belief that you can eat well to be well and to look after yourself from the inside out, nourishing your body with the most nutritious foods. }

Tess Ulevsund founded Wellness by Tess with the belief that you can eat well to be well and to look after yourself from the inside out, nourishing your body with the most nutritious foods.

Tess wanted to be a baker from a young age but as life would have it, she entered the professional world in finance, although her love of baking never subsided. In 2010, Tess was diagnosed with auto-immune issues and this is something which you have to life with for life, so creating a lifestyle that supports this is extremely important to your overall health and wellbeing. This meant Tess had to carefully watch what she ate and gluten, dairy, sugar and processed foods were no longer suitable in her diet.

“After coming across the Paleo-diet, I began cooking and baking foods that were extremely nourishing and didn’t cause any inflammation to the body,” said Tess.

“Having always baked for family and friends, my treats became so popular that I started to get orders from friends-of-friends and local café’s. And so Wellness by Tess was borne and I have never looked back.”

Tess turned something negative into something positive and 4 years on, Wellness by Tess is a household name in the Paleo food and health food industry. Wellness by Tess continues to grow organically serving raw, 100% organic, nutritious treats (gluten, sugar and dairy free).

Tess believes in taking a holistic approach to healing and when researching on how to deal with inflammation she stumbled across the paleo-diet and it now plays an important part in how she thinks and approaches nutrition and developing the Wellness by Tess products.

Wellness by Tess has grown into a food manufacturing business that wholesales and distributes healthy treats Australia wide. “There is nothing in the products that I wouldn’t eat myself so we don’t use gluten, dairy of refined sugar. The produce is organic and we also try to buy local and produce energy bars, balls, protein treats and raw cakes.”

Spreading the word of healthy living is at the core of everything Tess does and this translates into the products she produces and how she lives her life. Health, nutrition and lifestyle are not mutually exclusive. “Not a day goes by where I don’t carry some bliss balls with me when I am out on the road. Raw almonds, cacao and cinnamon are my favourite combination and great to eat as a mid-morning or afternoon snack. These are the perfect snack on the go.”

“My products are filled with all the superfoods you can imagine – macca powder, carob powder, chia seeds, goji berries and so much more. If you feeling low on energy then I recommend eating one of the luscious balls for a sustained pick-me-up.”

Balance is key to being successful in health and nutrition and Wellness by Tess is a huge fan of treating yourself with nutritious products. “If you, like me, love chocolate but don’t like eating sugar, preservatives and other processed ingredients, then you will love the products we create at Wellness by Tess. It took some time to perfect the flavour combination but persistency and countless trials of chocolate batches and we created products that we are so proud of. One of our favourites is a combination of raw cacao, coconut oil, cacao butter, homemade roasted almond butter (100% almonds) and our raw organic product powder and the result – rich, luscious and completely guilt-free chocolate treats,” said Tess.

When not hand-making her delicious treats, Tess can be found keeping active in the gym or catching a wave and spending time with family and friends.

Wellness by Tess products are available in over 100 cafes Australia wide. For more information visit www.wellnessbytess.com

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