Gluten Free Australia Day 2019

{ When we think of Australia Day, we think of Lamingtons, Sausage Rolls, BBQ and time with family and friends. We are so excited to let you know that there are AMAZING gluten free options on the market these days…  yep, gluten free lamingtons, gluten free sausage rolls and super easy recipes too! Enjoy! }

Australia Day tends to be spent outdoors with family and friends. Everyone loves a good ‘ole Aussie BBQ, which is pretty easy these days to be gluten free! But did you know you can also have gluten free lamingtons, sausage rolls and so much more? It’s an exciting time to be alive. We have have selected our favourite simple and delicious recipes and a few goodies that you can find in the shops. Happy eating!

Australia Day Gluten Free Products

Silly Yaks have you covered with their wide range of products. Be sure to contact them directly to find your nearest stockist. Enjoy their gluten free lamingtons and savoury rolls this Australia Day!

If you’re at Woolies or Coles, be sure to also check out their home brand products and Susan Day for gluten free lamingtons!

Have a safe holiday weekend!
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