A Guide to The Latest Gluten Free Bakeries


Black Ruby Bakeries
We strive to offer a quality substitute of bread products to the coeliac, vegan and diabetic communities across Melbourne and greater Victoria. Our handmade bread is baked fresh daily and available for purchase Tuesday right through to Saturday, along with our range of GF dry mixes and cooking basics. Bread orders are always welcome and are recommended for those coming from the outer suburbs of Melbourne. We are always happy to answers any queries you have about our products, give us a call or visit our HQ on High St in Thornbury!

Silly Yaks
Here at Silly Yaks we believe that our food should be good food first and gluten-free second. We are a dedicated gluten-free manufacturer, manufacturing and packing in a 100% gluten-free environment but the quality, taste and mouth feel of our products is second to none. Our high-quality handmade products are free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. We do not knowingly use genetically modified inputs and avoid the cheap fats which damage your health. Our products are low in saturated fat, do not contain fillers or bulking agents and are 100% gluten free and wheat free.

GF Precinct
All our artisan breads are hand made in our gluten-free bakery in Melbourne. We ensure that all our breads are truly gluten free. We are artisan bakers with a wealth of experience and knowledge about bread, especially sourdough. We are using these skills to make gluten-free breads that taste and feel as good as “normal” bread. We have gone to great lengths to source our ingredients including stoneground buckwheat and besan flours, all of which are milled locally.  We believe in making fresh breads from natural and nutritious ingredients.

The Healthy Loaf
This Geelong-based bakery offers products that are 100% guaranteed gluten free, made in a 100% gluten-free environment – a claim many others cannot make! Fans of The Healthy Loaf love not only the health benefits and the taste of our gluten-free bread but that it’s soft and fluffy just like real bread. There are no preservatives, because some coeliac sufferers can have a reaction to them.  The Healthy Loaf’s Master Baker, Graham Gardner, pioneered a technique that mimics the baking process of real bread but without the gluten.

Imperial Gluten Free Bakery
As the name suggests, everything from Imperial Bakery is gluten free, making it the perfect haven for anyone with coeliac disease or any gluten intolerance. Owner Joseph Maroun, a baker all his life, chose to open Imperial Gluten Free Bakery in mid-2011 so he could share his baking with friends and family who have the food intolerance. Imperial Bakery is the largest gluten-free bakery in Australia. All their breads are made daily and contain absolutely no preservatives. What’s more, they can be vacuum sealed and shipped Australia wide, maintaining freshness for up to nine days.

Strange Grains Gluten Free Bakery
When a gluten-intolerant anthropologist starts thinking about bread, she approaches it differently to a baker. She researches all the seeds and weeds, roots and pseudo grains used to make breads in other cultures and then she experiments… endlessly! The result? Traditional old world breads from exotic new world grains. We bake delicious, traditionally textured, wholegrain, gluten and wheat-free breads in a dedicated gluten-free environment. Made from a blend of exotic whole pseudo grains, weed seeds and roots, the chewy crust and soft middle is indistinguishable from regular bread.

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