Thermomix – had to see it to believe it


The Thermomix has been painted with many brushes since its release. Some called it a fad or gimmick, others a Thermie and a lifesaver, but in my recent experience there’s one word that sums it up… convenience.


I first heard of Thermomix a few years ago from a colleague. Her son has coeliac disease and she has a myriad of autoimmune conditions, so they both require dedicated gluten free diets. She never enjoyed cooking and felt resentment towards food and their dietary needs. She will tell absolutely anyone that the Thermomix truly changed her relationship with the kitchen. In addition to the variety of food she now creates for her family in no time at all, she constantly raves about how user-friendly the Thermomix  is and that clean-up is a snap with the unit being dishwasher safe. It’s even portable so they can take it with them on holiday or to dinner parties. As a family, they were amazed at how much money they saved by cooking at home more, milling their own flours and reducing food wastage. Even with that glowing review, when she told me the price I thought she was crazy! Fast-track to a few years later when I tried a Thermomix  for the first time, I quickly realised how worth the investment they truly are.


When the Thermomix  consultant brought the machine to my house, I was pretty excited to see what all the hype was about. All it took was almonds whizzed into almond meal in a matter of seconds for the penny to drop… and that was just the beginning!


For the first time in my life I’ve been in a baking frenzy. Thermomix’s brand new one hundred percent gluten free cookbook, Good food, gluten free, has nearly one hundred recipes with an easy-to-use baking section. In one afternoon we, the Thermomix and I, baked an easy coconut cake, whipped up a custard filling, and churned out a lemon ice cream torte all before starting on dinner! Personally I’ve have never had a major passion for baking as I found creating gluten free baked goods to be a complex undertaking, usually with average results. Fortunately, there’s an ever increasing number of recipes using alternative types of gluten free flours that produce fluffy, flaky and delicious baked goods. With the Thermomix, you can even make these flour alternatives from scratch, saving time and money as these whole ingredients are often already in your pantry. Good food, gluten free instructs how to quickly and easily blitz your grains, nuts and seeds into a beautiful powdery flour, and the Thermomix even measures out the quantities with its built in scales and the intelligent programming takes care of the rest.

My partner and I have both always loved cooking but it’s fair to say that we usually whip up one of our five go-to dishes as we often find ourselves too pressed for time to spend hours in the kitchen. However, since experiencing the Thermomix, we’ve never enjoyed so much variety! A risotto that practically makes itself, hearty healthy spinach and feta muffins, homemade tortillas for tacos, your basic vegetable stock and even milling brown rice into flour for baking.


I highly recommend purchasing the recipe chips with your cookbooks. It’s nice to flick through the paperback cookbook to decide what to create but it’s the recipe chip that makes the preparation so easy and efficient. The chip uploads the entire book into the Thermomix and appears on the interactive screen. This way you can select your recipe, and the ingredients list and instructions pop up sequentially as you go along. With the built-in scale and measuring cup, bowl, steamer and spatula, all you need is an oven for baking and your options are truly limitless. The bowl is big enough to make a meal to serve a whole family.

Having had a Thermomix for several weeks now, I can honestly say this one machine has transformed the way I eat. I am cooking foods I never thought possible, eating fewer packaged foods and saving money all around. My mind is constantly blown by the capability of the machine and just how easy it is to use. The Thermomix  chops, whisks, cooks, steams and stirs, all in the same bowl and even at the same time. While you’re boiling potatoes in the bowl, you can be steaming your salmon on top. In one night I made slaw, mayo, tartare, quinoa crumb for fish, tortillas, coconut cake, coconut custard and lemon ice cream all from scratch! You can either follow along from the cookbook, clip in the recipe chip, or freestyle. If you’re debating whether the investment is worth it, find a Thermomix demonstration in your area to see what it’s all about. There are Thermomix  consultants all over Australia, and the world!



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Thermomix’s 100% Gluten Free Cookbook: Good food, gluten free

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