Passion for Food Means Fruitful Learning


Having worked for 15 years in the food industry, and having dealt with managing his own food intolerance, it seemed only natural that Adam Rice would combine his experience and knowledge and create AllerChef – workshops designed especially to assist people with their own food intolerances and allergies with a culinary edge.

The AllerChef workshops are built from a professional’s perspective which encompass the essential food fundamentals needed to teach clients to think like a chef and progress to more advanced workshops where clients learn how to bring ‘wow’ factor to their dishes. This is all achieved whilst working within the parameters of their food intolerances. Among the courses available are:

  • Fundamentals (4-hour workshop including Q&A): This workshop is suitable for people who are working with, or wanting to, create health and wellness goals, allergies, food sensitivities or have intolerances. An informative introduction including an overview of whole foods, packaged foods and genetically modified foods (GMOs), as well as seasonality and sustainable food practices. Participants learn knife skills, methods of cookery, food preparation and correct short storage solutions.
  • Intermediate (3-hour workshop, includes food tasting): Expand your list of foods and create delicious, interesting food perfect for entertaining guests. This workshop looks further into participants’ intolerances and requirements and builds on skill development to create tasty meals. Focus on increasing knowledge and expanding awareness of ingredients and products, including foods available for specific needs. Explore the art of cooking in bulk and long-term storage techniques, and include a cooking class/demonstration implementing the variety of skills learned in the Fundamentals introductory workshop.
  • Cooking master classes (3-hour workshop, includes food tasting): These classes offer a more personalised learning approach. Participants gain hands-on experience and coaching based on dietary requirements and the skills required to bring taste, interest and joy to not only those eating, but also in the preparation of the meals. This class is tailored to achieve desired outcomes around participants’ health and wellbeing, and works on customising menus for them and their family. Gain further insight into high-end restaurant food and home entertainment.

Adam has extensive professional experience to draw on for the workshops. He has worked in some of Melbourne’s and the Mornington Peninsula’s most popular restaurants, including Ezard (2 hats), Ginger Boy, The Sharing House (which was run by former head chef from Vue De Monde, Mark Briggs) and head chef at Three Palms in Sorrento.

He has also travelled the globe, working as a professional chef on super yachts, where he was able to further develop his international repertoire including French, Italian, Modern European, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, just to name a few.

Adam’s holistic views on health and food are clearly evident in his workshops. The course work includes the importance of maintaining the integrity of produce — from gate to plate — along with providing expert advice from accredited nutritionists and wellness coaches to help his clients reach their health goals.

Having studied logistic and supply chain management, agribusiness and international trade along with working as an organic produce buyer for Melbourne business Whole Foods, Adam draws on this broad knowledge to bring a deeper level of information to his clients.

Adam provides a well-rounded approach to food, aiming to make his clients conscious about their food choices and helping them appreciate that the food chain does not start at the place of purchase, but where and how it was produced. This key concept, in turn impacts the quality of the food and nutritional value.

Adam’s passion for quality produce is also highlighted with his volunteer work for the Safe Food Foundation’s #iamstevemarsh campaign which has helped raise over $1.2 million.

There is no doubt that Adam’s clients will be inspired and excited by his expertise and passion for food and leave the workshops feeling empowered to better manage their food intolerances and health goals.

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