What started as a modest blog about a flight attendant’s journey with raw food some seven years ago is now an international empire. Robyn, head honcho of Robyn J Law International, helps health and lifestyle professionals grow their online visibility. Whether Robyn is acting as an online business strategist, raw food chef, speaker, mother or wife, what she has to say about her journey into raw foods is nothing but inspiring.

The raw movement seems to grow tenfold daily. What’s contributed to this?

People are becoming increasingly proactive with their health and that includes wanting to know more about the foods they’re eating. The great thing about eating raw food, is it isn’t an all-or-nothing philosophy so anyone can enjoy it within their current diet, or they can go all out and use it as a way to kick-start better eating habits. Also, the wonderful thing about eating raw food is, it isn’t restricting. Want pizza? Sure you can have it; some of the most delicious pizza I’ve enjoyed is a raw buckwheat crust, with fresh basil pesto and pine nut cheese. I remember making a delicious raw chocolate icecream and I was like, if this is raw food then why isn’t everyone eating it? Oh, and the beauty about raw food, is that by nature it’s gluten free.

How did you get started in raw food preparation?

My interest in raw food first came about when I was living in London as a flight attendant. I was living a party-hard lifestyle and had just ended a relationship when I felt I needed to change my life, but didn’t have much money to do so. I saved up and took two weeks off to head to a Thai resort, embarking on a seven-day detox fast that entailed consuming not much more than herbs, broths and juices and performing twice daily coffee enemas. During this time I was exposed to a fresher way of looking at my life and healthy habits. Post detox, to avoid regressing, I checked out blogs and books and started to become very interested in veganism, but not the processed food kind, the whole food kind. Naturally, I progressed towards wanting to learn about more raw food.

When I moved from London to Saudi Arabia and had more time on my hands to practice new food preparation techniques, and more money to purchase high speed blenders and spiralisers, I really got excited about the endless potential.

How has ‘being raw’ changed your life?

At first when I discovered raw food I wanted to tell everyone about it. That is how my blog came about. I really wanted to share the positive results I was getting and the food I was creating. I had to get it out of me somehow. After having children and with a partner who loves eating healthy just not necessarily raw (cold!) food all the time, I tend to stick to simple, fast, raw dishes.

Is this raw food lifestyle a stark contrast to the previous lifestyle that you may have lived?

As much as I was living a party-hard lifestyle, I’ve always been interested in nutrition. With a father who is coeliac, and with diabetes prevalent on my mother’s side of the family, I’ve always wanted to keep my own health in check. Learning about raw food kicked it up a notch.

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