Getting Merry with the Merrymaker Sisters!

{ We hang out with dynamic duo – Emma and Carla Papas – the Merrymaker Sisters. We discuss their journey to a healthy bliss, popular online platform and exciting new ‘Get Merry’ Cookbook. Keep reading and let’s #GetMerry! }


Hey yum. readers! We’re Emma and Carla, the Merrymaker Sisters. We are bliss followers, magic creators and health coaches on a mission to merrymake over the world.

We’ll help you find a way of living that will make you feel and look your best! A life that isn’t controlled by what you can and can’t eat. A less stressed life where you feel energised and awesome every dayum day!

It’s time to #GetMerry!


yum. Gluten Free: It is so lovely to meet you both! We love that you encourage a life isn’t being dictated by the food you consume. How did you come up with the name Merrymaker Sisters?

It took us 5 minutes to come up with a name! We were both sitting at our old government desk jobs and we thought… this new way of living has brought us joy. Googled synonyms for ‘joy’ and up popped the word ‘merrymake’. We had no idea it was a real word!

We’re sisters so the Merrymaker Sisters seemed like the perfect idea! No one at the time (except us and our parents) really thought it was a great biz and blog name but it makes perfect sense now. We’re all about inspiring people to bring more Merry, more happiness to life. Whether it’s with a diet change or a mindset change.


ygf: That is such a great story! That name really suits both of you and your business. We, of course love that your completely gluten free! We firmly believe that you can never have too many gluten free recipes. What inspired you to base everything around gluten free lifestyle?

Emma is gluten intolerant… she looks 6 months pregnant and feels like blah after eating it! We both just feel better not eating gluten… we think better and work better. Gluten free wins!


ygf: I’m sure our readers know that blah feeling all too well! How do you ensure that all of your recipes are gluten free?

All our recipes, on the blog, on the Get Merry recipe app, in the hard copy book are made up of gluten free substitutes. Actually, as well as being gluten free, they’re refined sugar free, mostly dairy free and grain free! We’re all about real food but we’re all about delish and fun food too! So sweet treats are a must!



Spiced Pear Quinoa Porridge – ‘Get Merry’ Cookbook

ygf: thank you for sharing that with us! Such a sweet tooth gal so I completely understand that need for healthy sweet treat. Let’s talk about your exciting new cookbook…

We’re so excited about the new Get Merry recipe book! The feedback has been blowing our minds. It has 95 new Merry recipes that make healthy eating easy and fun! Delish brekkies, smoothies, complete dinner meals (as in the main and side altogether) and of course sweet treats! They all follow our rules of being quick, easy and delicious.
Another project we were working on last year was the Get Merry recipe app! This app has all our best recipes from the blog… nearly 200! It’s super easy to use and so convenient! With shopping lists and a favorites section, it went straight to number 1 in the Aussie app store the day we launched it. Totally unexpected and exciting!


ygf: That is sounds so exciting! Can’t wait to get a copy of the cookbook and we will all be downloading the app ASAP! Congratulations on making to #1 the day it launched! That’s incredible. How can our yum readers get on board with all things Merry?

Everything is over at Whether you’re looking for a recipe, a burst of inspiration from our podcast or articles or if you want to grab a copy our Get Merry book, app or even a meal plan!






Salted Caramel Macadamia Tart – ‘Get Merry’ Cookbook


ygf: You are both clearly very health conscious to want to create such a positive and healthy platform. What is your interest in the health industry? How does it relate to the Merrymaker Sisters?

Changing our diets to a real food way of living literally changed the whole direction of our lives. It brought happiness to both of us, it led to the creation of Merrymakers and so much more!

We want to inspire as many people as possible to make simple changes to their diets and see what magical stuff may happen. Maybe weight loss, or just for general well-being, maybe a new job, new business, new passion, new positive relationships!


ygf: It’s really wonderful that you are promoting an all-round healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy way of eating! With the cookbook done is there anything else exciting we should keep our eyes peeled (cooking humour) for?

Merrymaking over this world! But really, we just want to spread our message further. We want people to feel the benefits of a healthy diet and watch their lives change! This will include lots of awesome projects and creations!


Click to buy the ‘Get Merry’ Cookbook


ygf: Thank you so much for your time, Emma & Carla. It was such a pleasure talking to you both and hearing all about the Merrymaking Sisters. We wish you the best of luck with your future Merrymaking! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with in the future. Until then… #GetMerry



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