Jema Lee is on a mission to educate people to embrace a healthier lifestyle and say goodbye to gluten for good. Her website, Wellsome, is a health and wellness hub dedicated to her own journey and gluten-free life. Jema has recently released an eBook, Goodbye Gluten, to help others embark on their own gluten-free path.

What started you on your gluten-free journey?

Fourteen years ago my brother was the first in our family to be diagnosed with coeliac disease. At the time, the family’s journey was not begun by choice, rather a decision our mother made. It was bittersweet purely due to the confusion of why we were all going gluten free. At the time, no one even knew what gluten was, however over the past 14 years I’ve learnt so much about gluten and how it affects our bodies and I’m so excited to be able to share that knowledge with the world.

How has your health improved since you removed gluten from your diet?

I began noticing changes to my health that I wasn’t even aware I needed at the time. I gradually lost 10kgs without trying to lose weight, my tummy became flat, my thinking became faster and clearer. My energy increased and I no longer felt sluggish or fatigued, my appetite dropped and my skin became naturally clean and clear of blemishes. I thought I was healthy before I gave up gluten! The truth was that since giving up gluten, my life has dramatically improved, as has my health. There’s more to gluten than just the name. It comes down to an understanding of what it is and what it could mean for your health and the health of your loved ones.


What info do you want to share with people about living gluten free?

Giving up gluten is not simply a fad or lifestyle trend, that it’s quite often thought to be. My mission is to both share and educate with everyday people, coeliac and non-coeliac alike, that there is more to gluten than a diet label or a package stamp. Gluten is a non-essential additive yet it’s used in a large percentage of our supermarket-bought foods. Gluten is also a common denominator in many of the chronic conditions and illnesses we see today. It all comes down to the sharing of education – and making it easy to understand (minus all the science stuff!).

What can people expect from your eBook, Goodbye Gluten?

Over the last eight years particularly, I’ve seen more and more people being diagnosed with gluten sensitivities and coeliac disease. As a nutrition coach, I’m also constantly seeing gluten as a common denominator in the many health challenges people face today. After my own personal experience, it was time to spread the message and education further. Goodbye Gluten is for everyone, not just those diagnosed as sensitive to gluten. It’s for people looking to feel their best and gain back control of their own health. Put together as an easy step-by-step guide to understanding gluten, in six weeks you’ll learn what gluten is, what it does, what it can mean to our health and more. Filled with wellness tips, affirmations, bonus downloads and more, you’ll walk away with not only a gluten-free lifestyle you’ll love and new healthy habits, but also an overall understanding of nutrition for yourself that you can share with your family, children and friends.

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