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yum. Gluten Free: Thank you so much for meeting with us! Please tell us about your exciting new business venture, The Gluten Free Meal Co.

Hi guys! The Gluten Free Meal Co. is Australia’s dedicated, Coeliac Australia-endorsed gluten free home delivery service that fulfils the dream of enjoying a delicious choice of restaurant-quality gluten free meals, in the comfort of your own home.

Every batch is testing for gluten at an external micro lab, providing the gluten free and coeliac communities with the confidence that every morsel is 100% gluten free. We source all our ingredients from leading certified and verified gluten free suppliers.

ygf: As a coeliac, it is so comforting to know that each batch is tested and the company is Coeliac Australia-endorsed. Where did the interested in gluten free begin?

It was Grandma Sarla who sowed the seeds for The Gluten Free Meal Co. after watching a niece denied the joy of sharing family food due to her restricted diet. Grandma Sarla believed the gluten free community deserved to have the same choice, quality and consistency of food as everyone else, and the Gluten Free Meal Co. was born.

ygf: Thank you Grandma Sarla! Yes, we know the feeling of being left out of a dinner party all too well. What’s the best part about The Gluten Free Meal Co.?

The best part about The Gluten Free Meal Co. is all the food is gluten free without compromise. Perfect for the whole family to relish! As a company, we love to hear all the stories within the community being overjoyed with the choice and quality of the food – specially the kids who come to expos and try the Choc Hazelnut Bites!

ygf: Oh yum that sounds amazing! To the nitty gritty can you tell us how long do your meals last and if they can be frozen?

Our meals arrive ready to pop in the fridge and enjoy throughout the busy week. The meals have an average fridge life of 7 days.

If customers wish to keep the meals frozen, they must place in the freezer immediately after delivery. Our meals will last 30 days in the freezer.

ygf: That sounds great! What makes you unique to the industry?

As one of Australia’s family run businesses, we pride ourselves and working with the Australian community to tailor to a large range of cuisine types and tastes. Our menu has something for everyone. As a family business we are able to provide a more personal experience to our customers and building long standing relationships with them.

ygf: I cannot wait to try your gorgeous products! How do we place our first order?

Our products are available through our interactive, ecommerce website. All the product information including images, ingredient listing, nutritional information and reheating instructions is available on the website. We also offer a range of vegetarian and dairy free options.

We deliver Australia-wide (excluding some of the remote and regional areas) every Wednesday and Friday.

As we want to make sure our customers receive the best service without any delivery fees, we have a minimum order spend of $65 per order – that’s 7 menu items!

ygf: Thank you so much for your time! How do our readers stay in touch with you?
We love to hear from our customers and the wider community!

Phone: 1800 436 325
Mail: 37 Bromley Road, Emu Plains, NSW 2750, Australia

The Gluten Free Meal Co.

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