Lindy Cook has been a Naturopath and Nutritionist working in private practice for well over 15 years. Encouraging her patients and their children to consume a healthy, nutritious diet has always been Lindy’s absolute passion.

During her time practicing she became distressed to see the ever increasing incidence of obesity and all its health implications in Australia. As a mother of two she could see firsthand how the food being consumed by children was contributing to this and having such a detrimental effect on their health. Packet foods, processed foods, fast foods and just plain nutritionally ‘dead’ foods filled lunch boxes. Her research found that an amazing 43% of Australian primary school children are just not getting the daily recommended amount of fruit and vegetables. Given a third of their daily food intake is consumed at school, she knew just how important it was for this food to provide optimum nutrition – the protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals – needed for energy, growth and wellbeing.

Her other concern with so many packaged and processed foods being consumed by school children was the amount of waste being generated. Australia is the second highest producer of waste per person in the western world! It is estimated the average lunch-toting child generates around 30 kilos of litter a year. She realised that we could have a significant impact on landfill by simply avoiding the use of cling wrap, juice boxes and unnecessary packaging.

To Lindy there seemed to be an obvious answer to all of this. “Getting schools and kindergartens on board the ‘nude food’ movement’ would really cut the consumption of packaged foods and increase the intake of whole foods. Unprocessed, fresh, wholefoods equals less waste and better nutrition.” My Green Lunch Box was born.

My Green Lunch Box is an online store that aims to make packing a nutritious, rubbish-free lunch every day for your kids easy. It has all the lunch boxes, containers and sandwich wraps you need to pop your food into, really simple, healthy recipes that your children will love and a fundraiser to get your school or kindergarten on board the ‘nude food’ movement.

Lindy also loves getting out to schools and kindergartens, talking about nutrition, sharing recipes, doing food demonstrations and all the tips you need to pack a ‘nude lunch’.

“Running ‘My Green Lunch Box’ really doesn’t feel like work to me, it’s more like living the dream! I just feel incredibly blessed to be able share my passion and make a small difference to the health of our children and our planet”.



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