{ Be a ‘hostess with the mostest’ with these safe food ideas for your next party }

I often get asked what my son can eat when there are so many foods he can’t. It did take a while initially to work it all out but there are heaps of simple foods he can eat, even at parties.

Usually I take all of his food to parties but occasionally I have a mum who is keen to involve him and offers to cater for him.
Of course if there are foods there he can’t have as well he needs to take his food first and not go back for more to avoid contamination. It’s also really important if you cater for a child with food allergies that you are really careful about cross contamination while preparing the food. If you’ve used anything from packets keep the empty packets for the parent of the child with allergies to check and make sure the parent of the child with allergies feels comfortable to stay to keep an eye on their child. Most parents of kids with food allergies will be prepared to bring a cupcake along for cake time and a few safe treats for the lolly bag if you do one. I’d also recommend that you don’t do any food prizes – that makes it easy for everyone and then none of the kids feel left out. These are some really simple food ideas to have at any birthday party that are simple, allergy free, additive free and can be dressed up to look great!

These are suitable for any party where you want to provide easy and nutritious food that will get eaten:
  • Fruit –it’s always a winner. Make it fun by threading onto kebab sticks or cut it out with cookie cutters. You could even do a chocolate fondue fountain with chocolate that’s safe for everyone.
  • Popcorn – homemade and organic kernels are best. Popcorn can just be air popped and served with a little salt or icing sugar.
  • Yoghurt cups – if dairy is okay for all of the kids.
  • Homemade custard cups (easy to make dairy, gluten and egg free if required) or jelly cups.
  • Honey joys or chocolate crackles made with gluten-free cereal (and dairy free if required).
  • If you’re not an allergy-free cook, there are a heap of quality gluten-free biscuits you can buy (just make sure they’re additive free). You could simply ice these and add some naturally coloured 100s & 1000s
  • Chicken kebabs or chicken strips with gluten-free coating and tomato dipping sauce – just press the coating on the chicken as there’s no need to use flour and eggs, drizzle with oil and bake in the oven.
  • Little meatballs (made egg free if required).
  • Plain potato chips free of additives.
  • Chopped up vegetables and a safe dip.
  • Nut free bliss balls.
  • Water to drink. I tend to use small bottles of water and jazz them up with a wrapper to match the party or I use a large glass drinks dispenser. These look lovely with lots of ice and some fruit in them.


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