Naked Cakes


Naked Cakes, Simple Beautiful Handmade Creations
By Lyndel Miller

Fondant haters, lazy bakers and time-poor hosts rejoice! These naked cakes are achievable, budget friendly and swoon worthy–and they provide an ideal opportunity to experiment with and display your individual creativity. Beautiful, rustic and organic in form, naked cakes are always tiered, with filling and frosting between layers but never on the outside–thus ‘naked’…

Within these pages you will find information on choosing a style of cake; how to make sweet fillings, butters and frostings as well as syrups; recipes for over a dozen base cakes including gluten-free and flourless options; a definitive listing of flavour profiles and combinations; beautiful cake toppers; and over a dozen assembled cakes for different occasions…

Author, stylist and cook, Lyndel Miller, also explains how to decorate your cakes with edible fresh and sugared flowers and fruits. Beautifully styled inspiration spreads show you how to set the scene for special occasions such as a baby shower, a simple eco wedding, a Mexican- inspired fiesta and a ‘Bohemian dessert party’ using handmade decorations such as garlands and bunting. All with stunning naked cakes as the centrepiece, of course!

About the Author
Lyndel Miller is a commercial and editorial still life, interiors and food stylist, food styling being her greatest passion. Raised between a quintessential seventies home and the commercial kitchen of her family’s cafe business, she has an all-consuming affection for cooking and entertaining in all its delicate and delicious detail. Lyndel was coauthor with Skye Craig of Wild Sugar Desserts published in 2012. Naked Cakes is her second book and a total embodiment of her spirit, style and love of beautifying the edible…

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