Mission Accomplished: Real Food, Real Fast


Imagine walking through the train station, stopping at a vending machine and purchasing a made-fresh-daily, gluten-free meal on the go. This dream has finally become a reality thanks to All Real Food. All Real Food has created the first ever self-service cafe that offers breakfast, salads and sweets delivered by technology that tracks minute-by-minute sales, stocktake and environmental conditions. Genius.

As exciting as this invention is, let’s discuss the details. Every meal is made fresh daily and has a four-day shelf life after purchase. After 24 hours in the self-service cafe, the leftover meals are removed and donated to local food banks – never wasted. The fridge is restocked with delicious, healthy meals every day.

Each meal is 100 per cent gluten free, organic where possible, locally and seasonally sourced and chef prepared in a five-star commercial kitchen. All Real Food has truly hit the mark by offering a wide range of meals to include additional options such as dairy free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, raw and more. The integrated touchscreen technology makes for quick and easy ordering while browsing the variety of options, nutritional information and even health tips.

The meals offered range from Tex Mex Salad, Pesto Pasta Salad, a range of salad topping proteins, Quinoa Parfait, Chia Pudding and Choc Mint Slice. The individual servings are a great size for a satisfying meal and are boosted with superfoods, nuts and seeds for ultimate nutritional value and taste. The design of the cafe itself is aesthetically pleasing including a vertical herb garden to enhance the organic experience. The colourful and healthy options and user-friendly interface create a welcoming environment that will certainly have you coming back again.

All Real Food co-founder Mark Woodhead says there is so much information available today about diets and dieting, including healthy eating trends, it can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing.

“Our mission is to simplify healthy eating and just provide real food,” Mark says. “All of our fresh produce is sourced from Australia and New Zealand and it’s part of our ethos to keep things local, and organic as much as possible.”

The self-service cafe concept was developed and executed by Mark and fellow IT professional Danny Stalling (pictured above). Both Danny and Mark have a passion for health and holistic living and are thrilled to bring real food to the table.

“We believe food should look and taste delicious and be a joy to eat,” Danny says.

Another integral team member, Keng Murray, has combined 20 years of cooking experience with his passion for wholesome foods as the holistic head chef of All Real Food.

“I’m passionate about working with only the finest seasonal produce, preparing everything from scratch and letting the ingredients speak for themselves,” Keng says.

The touch-screen technology of the self-service cafes is simple to use and provides ample information about each product, its contents and health benefits. The technology is so advanced that if the cafe’s internal temperature rises above or drops below a certain set point, the cafe will immediately close and alert the All Real Food head office. Customers can register a unique key tag to receive bonuses, discounts and special offers.

The meals are packaged in BPA-free food-grade PET plastic jars with a food-safe freshness seal and are made from either sugarcane starch or 100 per cent recyclable plastic. Every aspect has been carefully thought out, including the layering of each ingredient to ensure the food stays fresh, crunchy and appealing.

Watch out Brisbane, a world of gluten-free convenience has officially arrived! And stay tuned to All Real Food. With smoothies, soups and other ready made meal ideas in the pipeline, this is just the beginning.

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