Gluten Free Travel Tips at Brisbane International Airport

{ Gluten free travel can be scary but we’re here to let you know it’s possible! If you’re passing through Brisbane International Airport, be sure to enjoy a coeliac-safe meal at Corretto Café and Bar. }

For someone with coeliac disease, or any dietary restriction for that matter, there are few things more stressful than gluten free travel. From packing snacks to navigating aeroplane food, heaven forbid you find something tasty and safe in the airport or actually arrive and master a new city or country!

Gluten free travelling may not be easy but there are certainly ways to make the experience more enjoyable. It’s important that even with dietary restrictions, you are still seeking new adventures and exploring new places. But how? When travelling with coeliac disease, research and preparation is key. It’s important that you take the time before your trip to increase the likelihood of a stress free trip. yum. Gluten Free is here to share our top gluten free travel tips.

When booking your flights, be sure you request a gluten free meal and call at least a week before your flight to confirm. Have a big meal at the airport before your travel, if you can find a safe café or restaurant. Pack heaps of snacks and find out the customs policy for the countries you’re travelling to. Research the culture and what foods to steer clear from. Bring coeliac travel translation cards. Once you’ve done all you can to prepare, relax and enjoy your trip!

Travelling through Brisbane Airport? Corretto Café & Bar have you taken care of, regardless of your dietary needs! With more than 5.6 million passengers passing through Brisbane International Terminal  each year, Corretto has made it a priority to offer options for many different dietary requirements and health food interests.

In a paddock to gate experience, you can enjoy decadent gluten free meals before take-off or during your layover. A luxury not often found when hunting for your next meal at the airport. If you have an early flight, try a Cacao and Goji Berry Chia Seed Pudding or a warm Coconut Quinoa Porridge. Flying in the afternoon? We highly recommend the Sweet Corn Fritters made with chickpea flour and topped with tomato relish and house made salsa. Alternatively, the Balsamic Mushrooms are divine!

Brisbane Airport is proud to support local ingredients and encourages their cafes and restaurant to also make it a priority in all their meals. Corretto Café & Bar features local produce by Simply Fresh QLD and Australian businesses like Maleny Dairies, Loving Earth, Simara Blends, Lotus Foods, Byron Bay Paleo Muesli, Kingaroy Kitchen and many more. They are also continuously finding ways to reduce their waste and alternatives to single use plastics.

Next time you’re heading through Brisbane Airport, be sure to enjoy a gluten free meal at Corretto Café & Bar. If you contact them on Instagram before your arrival, they’ll even reserve you a table! This is not your average airport experience. Just one more way to take the stress off of gluten free travel.

Corretto Café & Bar
Level 4, before security
Brisbane International Terminal
Instagram: @corretto_international

Corretto International Gluten Free Collage

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