Simple Lemon Myrtle chicken wings

{ Tasty… simple… and a little taste of Australia in a simple midweek dish. Served with your favourite salad or roasted vegetables, this is something the whole family will enjoy. }


2 tablespoons honey or rice malt syrup 
2 tablespoons tamari sauce 
1 kilo chicken wings 


Mix all the ingredients together and let marinade for 1 hour or overnight. 
Bake uncovered at 180 degrees for 1hour or until golden brown. 
Serve with roasted vegetables or your favourite salad. 
Note: These chicken wings are also fabulous and tasty on the BBQ. Just remember to cook on a low heat and turn regularly. 
Prep time: 1 HOUR + 20 MINUTES
Cook time: 60 MINUTES
Total time: 2 HOURS + 20 MINUTES
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